Outdoors # 19.

by Amelkovich Igor

outdoors nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 29th of October 2002 03:30:19 AM


Marc G.
This is the other one I like a lot in this series. The smart thing was the axe. It's what tells a story here. Like somebody just walked in to kill them... (Hope you didn't...:-))

Given this story suggested by the axe, I find that the poses are a bit too soft. Especially the woman on the left doesn't really look scared... I could even have imagined the two rushing out of their basket or such. Basically, a very good shot aesthetically - as usual -, and a good story too, but you may have obtained a better result if you had gone to the extreme as far as poses were concerned. I think... Regards.

Igor Amelkovich
I answer. It is the rural house of one of girls. By the way temperature in the street all plus of ten degrees on C.

Cynthia Parker
Aesthetics 5, Originality 6 first hot tub at the first YWCA

David Wilson (Vortex Imaging)
Igor, I have to ask you, how did you find such a great location? And then, how did you get permission to photograph naked women there? Thank you.

Igor Amelkovich
Thank all. Thanx, Marc

Ken Williams ...
Excellent work as usual Igor .........

Carl Williams
Bizarre idea bout the axe, Marc... woodsheds tend to have axes in 'em... been watching too many slasher movies? :-) The richness of tone in all these photos is amazing, I think I like pretty much all of them.

Chris Buechner
I have a feeling that the girls are disappearing a bit too much into the background, and the axe is too dominant. I would like to see the emphasis a bit more equal between the girls and the axe.
still great idea, great location, nice girls and technically strong.

Chris Blaszczyk
Yes! This is the type of photography I really love. Everything perfect here.

marco prenninger
really nice location man, i bet the shooting there was a lot of fun.....despite of the cold temperature...

Igor Amelkovich
Naked outdoor. From small erofic serial.

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