by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

ufo andalusian spanish stallion horse seeking critique kwiatkowski wojtek


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Published: Friday 9th of April 2010 08:27:46 PM


Pierre Dumas
I agree with Kendra! PDE

Fabrizio R.
Excellent capture and amazing lightness!

Svetlana Korolyova
Very nice light!

Kaya Eli├žin
Hello. I agree with Ms. Kendra Wise's comment about backlit mane and tail. I also find her comment on position of the horse in the frame which is slightly off-center especially accurate since this framingstyle has been used in a subtle way which I couldn't see by myself before reading her comment. But I disagree with her comment on horse retaining good detail. It has a lot of detail indeed but is it good detail. It looks and fits fine but I see it is forced too much on the front torso and the dust below horse's feet. They fit but I fear this areas would be too noisy in a fairly large print. Maybe a more subtle approach to this areas may be used to make another version of this photo to make a comparison and decide. Anyways tail, mane and bright dust below the horse's feet is the real center of attention of this photo in my opinion and my argument towards a slightly darker torso may be used to divert attention to this areas more. Nevertheless this photo is very good already without small considerations I offer. Congratulations.

Bill Evans
Superb photography in every way, but especially the creative use of lighting. Regards, Bill.

Kendra Wise
The backlit mane and tail are excellent, especially since the rest of the horse still retains good detail. Given the drama of the subject, I think your choice of simple and unadorned background is a good one, and the position of the horse in the frame, slightly off-center, very nice. I love looking at your shots -- it was pictures like these that fueled my passionate love affair with horses when I was a little girl. Thanks!

Catherine Walsh
Beautiful! Strong, elegant and graceful. Fantastic capture in every way! Best, Catherine

Jerry Zaccone
Very Nice!!!

Monte Stinnett
Don't usually even rate horses, but the stop actions and backlit tail and mane make this a special image.

Linda Davidson
Wojtek, this is stunning. I love your work.

Jerry Sundin
Superb !!

Patara Ocil
7/7 P E R F E CT.Regards.

Trisha Jean-Angela

Your horses are always photographed so beautifully! I love the back lighting on the horse's tail and mane. Exceptional image! Thank you for sharing! :)

Bill Symmons

Magnificent animal and magnificent photography


All my best,  Bill

Vikrant Singh
It's a Flying Horse :)

That's really a rare picture...

i saved this picture forever...

Thanks for Sharing such a wonderful snap....

God Bless... You.. :)

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
... Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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