Bare Naked Anorexic

by McCracken David

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Gallery: 6. Nude & Scantily Clad Girls

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 2nd of April 2010 11:49:14 AM


Bulent Celasun
Mr. McCracken, the forum rules are very strict about the selection of the category "nude".
And, your above submission disregards it seriously... as this is no nude!
Still, you will likely be forgiven because the proper category for this one does not exist in the list provided:
Pure Fun :)

Richard Spurdens
Richard Spurdens Certainly different and a good concept, but not sure it works for me. However it has give me an idea for a future shoot, so thanks for that.

Saleem Khawar
Great portrait

David McCracken
Jim That's a very good question. It wasn't planned. Did it evolve? Obviously it did but I am not sure what it evolved out of.... boredom... alcohol... having too much time or a mix of those and more. Thanks for stopping by!

David Barstow
KEWL STUFF! Wow David... you have outdone yourself with this one! Masterfully creative and superbly crafted... with a message. What more could one want?

Owen O'Meara
David. I tried to rate it 7/7 but the rules would not allow it thus the sixes. This flat out rocks. It is original, fun to look at and beautifully framed. BRAVO++++++++++++++ -Owen

David McCracken
Dave Thanks for the comment! I have to be honest and say I wasn't sure if anyone would see a message in this or not.

Pierre Dumas
Most original kind of nude! I've never seen something similar to that! PDE

David McCracken
Richard Thanks again. I believe the title to be quite Googleable but unfortunately not Bingable.

Richard Spurdens
Richard Spurdens David I forgot to say its a great title by the way

Jim Phelps
David, Very creative, was this planned or did it evolve??? Jim Phelps

Kallol Majumdar
Wow!!! What an !dea...brilliant best

David McCracken
Maurizio Thanks! I am glad you like it.

David McCracken
In reply... Richard, Thanks for leaving a comment. I look forward to see the image you create that this inspires.

Pierre, I do try to be original sometimes. Thanks a lot.

John, I am humbled. Thanks a lot.

Owen, The numbers game on this site is something I have never liked. Comments are what counts the most although it is nice to see a lot of ratings. Thanks for the kind comment. I am glad you like this.

Bulent, Point taken! I should have got her to remove the bikini from her fingers are remove her bracelet. Fun it was! Thanks a lot. ;-)

Saleem, Perhaps not but thanks for saying so.

Thanks everyone.

David McCracken
Bob Thanks for the comment. Humour wasn't my intention here but if it makes you laugh then that's fine.

Maurizio Moro
A great and clever idea and composition!

David McCracken
Kallol Thanks for stopping by!

Bob Kurt
:) funny! I really like this photo.

Richard Ramirez
Hello David, very nice and creative image of Art abstract! Thanks for your comment in my recent picture. best regards.

David McCracken
Richard Thank you! You are welcome.

David McCracken
Bare Naked Anorexic
I really hope you like this but I will be happy if you hate it too.

Feedback appreciated.

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