Lura #2

by Sousa Dias Nana

lura sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 24th of October 2002 03:08:23 AM


Ben Crabtree
Excellent lighting This is an exceptional image. Not only is the model attractive, but she is lit in a way that makes her stand out against the black background even though the the contrast between her dark skin and the background is gentle, for the lack of a better word. I think you have used your lighting very well, and I would be proud to have taken this picture.

Jim Vanson
I think that this could be a very good shot if the printing was better

Jed Goode
Lovely image. I like the lighting and pose very much. To me, though, the image seems a little soft, my preference would be to see a sharper image to emphasise the model's eye in particular.

Nana Sousa Dias
Hi, Jim Thanks for your comment: "I think that this could be a very good shot if the printing was better" This is not a print, this is a direct scan from the negative, in a cheap flatbed scanner,with a tranparency adapter, I've never print this photo, but, as we learn all the time, I would like you to tell me, what could I do to improve this image, because I can't learn much from "if the print was better"! By the way, I saw your gallery and I must admit you are a Master of the Print! If you have the time, I would like you to see the rest of my gallery and give me some advise, on How to Print, to improve my technique! Thanks! Nana Sousa Dias

Flávio Coelho
Really nice portrait. Lovely expression.

Nick Valinote
Nice Shot I really like the expression that you have captured in this image. Veny Nice angles and compostion. Thanks

Joshua Brown
It's been said, but i'll say it again,
lighting and pose. This is just wonderful.

Robert Tilden
Portraits For what it's worth, I think portraits are your best works. Hope you will add more of them to your portifolio. After reviewing the Pictures Of the Week, your picture was the best in my opinion; the one like the Afgan woman on the cover of National Geographic. My other selections include Dan Heller, reconized as a pro. Leping Zha, Galen Rowells replacement as far as I'm concerned, and Daniel Flather, cause I like IR. There are sooo many really good photographs posted here and other sites such as and, sorting out the special photographs is like finding diamonds in a mine. You are fortunate to have created at least one diamond.

Carl Williams

Fausti Martinez
Fantastic picture!! Expression of the model and contrast are perfect. Congratulations

Len Marriott
Jewel ! Nana, If I had to pick only one from your portfolio (no easy task) this would be it. In a word, I like it's simplicity. A single light source, a black background, a simple pose, a beautiful face. Of course, if it's so simple, why don't we see more work of this caliber? I agree with Robert Tilden, you have a jewel here. Best, LM.

Bora Benic
Your portfolio,EXCELLENT.cong.Greeting

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