Cabo Raso #3

by Sousa Dias Nana

cabo raso kodak black and white guincho pentax smc f sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Thursday 24th of October 2002 03:04:50 AM


Camilla Cherry

Bobby Douglas
That Is So Perfect Wow I don't know what more I can say, I like it.

David Malcolmson
Memorable image A memorable image and a great exercise in black and white photography.

Paul Frank
far underrated at the average ratings I see now. this is so well executed and timed it looks fake - take that as a compliment.

Will Wilson
The interplay between the sky and the water and the symmetry it creates is marvelous. Nice shot.

Ri┬ęk Vincent
Amazing Looks like something religious is about to happen. Parting of the sea or some other strange phenomenon.

Michael VaughAn
Wow! Tones, clouds, and waves all work well together.

Fred Kamphues
Excellent job bringing the sky and sea together!

Robert Chura
The only reason I didn't rate 7 (flawless) is IMHO it needs a little more contrast. It is still a fantastic image! The observation of waves rocks and clouds and then capturing it on film is excellent

Leigh Perry
The fisheye works really well here. The various elements draw the viewer into the frame. Well done.

John Alexander
Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 What a fantastic shot! The movement of the water syncs with the cloud movement... very dramatic and beautiful. Love it as it is, but it might be even more dramatic with about 1/2 of the sky cropped so the horizon is the center of the pic?

Igor Amelkovich
!!! Fine use of effect of the fish eye

Carl Crosby
Shades of Ansel Adams! the waves and clouds almost appear as reflections. Worth looking at again and again.

John Pendley
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 REMARKABLE FOLDER Conceptually, aesthetically, and technically, the images in this folder comprise the most beautiful B&W photography I've seen in some time. The principles of varity and repetition are observed with real poetry. As an amateur B&W landscape photographer, I almost wish I hadn't seen them--almost. Brilliant and inspiring.... John Pendley

Wang Tat Tso
Great photo! I really love it! The motion of the wave and the dramatic sky provoke a strong power. But I guess you can put higher contrast to the sky, just burn it a bit with a higher filter.

Marc G.
Just tried to amend it... Here is the result.

Nana Sousa Dias
Thanks, Marc This isn't perfect, because my scanner is a piece of shit, and I didn't have enough time to print it in the traditional lab, seriously! I've made 3 or 4 attempts, in a hurry, but this isn't an easy print, I have to do a lot of burning and dodging to get that sky "come out". If I anytime will be able to do it, I promise I will resubmit the photo. Thanks for your always constructive critiques, Marc, there should be more guys like you in these sites!

Marc G.
6 / 6 It is an arresting image, for sure. I like the way the shape of the clouds seems to be reflected in the reversed shape of the wave. Yet, one thing strikes me: why isn't this a perfect square ? I am personally very sure that croping on the left to get a perfect square will improve this image. First because the geometry of a square expresses peace, but mostly because the rock in the foreground is not really interesting, and could therefore be cut a little, and finally, because the little gap on the left of the second rock (left) adds nothing to the image - and even slightly detracts from the main area.

I feel that "closing" the left side by a crop will frame the main subject just fine.

Besides that, a totally subjective thing: I personally would prefer a slightly more contrasty sky, to keep the eye on wave and clouds.

It's still very good, but I find it a bit sad to see a picture that had all the ingredients to be excellent didn't turn out to be excellent. I'd be glad to see an improved repost. Regards.

Fernando Correia
You know I have no words!

Shawn Beelman
This comment is for your whole folder: Spectacular and inspiring. I've found yet another member who makes me want to buy a medium format camera and load it with black & white film! Great work.

Kevin Keller
One of the top 5 landscapes on this site. Outstanding repeats, tones, texture and compostion. Congrats

Alessandro Pardi
7-6 Probably my favourite in the folder, an absolute masterpiece. With a little help from the weather :-)

Karen Siebert
WOW - is all I can manage to get out. Outstanding shot.

Chris Blaszczyk
Hey! Nana, looking at your photo first my initial thought was to increase contrast in the sky but after looking at Mark's version I've decided I like your version better. The photo (like most of your landscapes) is fabulous. All I can say is I need to move! Wher do you get these beautiful beaches??? Perfect time exposure. Love it.

Nick Graham
My favorite Your photos are, in my opinion, the finest I have seen on this site.

Terry McCully

John Crowe
Simple composition with wonderful detail!

Helmut Schadt
excellent work, fine art photography !!!

Detlef Klahm
drama in the sky as well as on the ocean...I have come to respect and adore both your people work as I do your scenics...

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