Afternoon Light

by Kelly Landrum

afternoon light seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 200.000000
Y Resolution : 200.000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows

Published: Wednesday 17th of March 2010 10:33:05 PM


Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Deb. Good to hear from you. --Lannie

deb cloud
Lannie... I like the feel of the image very much. The muted colors are very comforting and I want to venture off into the woods and explore what lies ahead. Very nice composition. deb

Michel Latendresse
Really nicely done. I like the sepia treatment on this, it gives the shot an "aged" look. Nice light and tones. Nice composition too. Really well done - michel

Louis Blair
Nice romantic rendition.I agree with Michel: the sepia toning is a "plus" for this shot. Great composition. Well done !

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. I cooked this one with so many steps in post-processing to get that final sheen (on the leaves and haybale) that it has lost some data. I can't say for sure which one I prefer myself--but I lean toward this version. The other one ("Body in the Woods') is truer to the photographic feeling of the cinemaphotography in Michelangelo Antonioni's "Blow Up": They convey entirely different moods for me, and thus my decision to give them different names rather than simply calling them versions I and II. To me they are thus TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHS, even though both come from the same digital file. (I am reminded of Ansel Adams' claim that photography begins AFTER the shot is taken.) Both were cropped from the much bigger file showing the approaching thunderstorm ( ), also in this same folder--and so there are thus three different "photos" from the same digital file in this folder. For the record I added red (10%) to add a bit of warm glow to this one--after I had tried a number of other different manipulations. One biased toward yellow (to try to get the sheen) was just too garish. I chose to post this one from among several dozen manipulated versions. Thanks again for the comments. I am surprised by how many persons bothered to go into the same folder to evaluate the different treatments: --Lannie

Tom Wiggins
Lannie: This photo along with "Body in the Woods II" makes an interesting study of changing light. I do think "Body in the Woods II" is a better photo overall as the color is more there. Tom

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Alf. --Lannie

Alf Bailey
Hi Landrum I have looked at all three images, and whilst I can see the attraction in each individual image, this one remains my favourite, in common with them all the single hay bale is the main focus point, but in this one, you have brought out the best of the reflective light tones, whilst behind it, a small avenue in the trees invites the viewers eyes to probe deeper. The chosen tones work well and contrive to produce a nostalgic painterly effect that is aesthetically very pleasing. Nice work Landrum! Regards Alf

Patsy Dunn
Lannie, Nice shot. Take care, Patsy

Landrum Kelly
Afternoon Light Comments welcome.


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