Body in the Woods II

by Kelly Landrum

body in the woods ii seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 200.000000
Y Resolution : 200.000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows

Published: Saturday 13th of March 2010 10:46:23 PM


Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Jack. I hope that you have seen (or will see) the movie, which is even more mysterious in many, many ways. --Lannie

Tom Wiggins
Lannie: Nicely done, good shadow detail. Tom

Bob Kurt
Absolutely Beautiful!

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Tom. --Lannie

Jack McRitchie
Lannie Is this what they mean by a roll in the hay? I've seen these peculiar bales in other pictures but after a while the strange becomes simply another cliche. But here the object lends a certain mysterious power to the picture, a mute symbol of the hand of man on the edge of Nature's shadowy glade. I really like the feeling of this picture a lot and will place it among my favorites.

Liz Weisiger
I like this one the best, Lannie. I love seeing the faint light through the trees, and I sense the calm and sounds of the woods. Total mood for me.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Liz. I always wait for your verdict. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Body in the Woods II Inspired by "Blowup" by Michelangelo Antonioni. Comments welcome.


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