Window and Piano, Statesville, NC First Baptist Church

by Kelly Landrum

window and piano statesville nc first baptist chur seeking critique kelly landrum

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Exif Information:
Make : Kodak
Date Time Original : 2000-01-01 05:24:29
X Resolution : 200.000000
Y Resolution : 200.000000
Software : KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk TIFF Export v3.0

Published: Friday 12th of March 2010 04:09:37 PM


Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Tom. I took the time to go back to the original file and see if I could get more data out of the window itself, which was overexposed. --Lannie

Tom Wiggins
Lannie: Good eye, this is a very different composition. Tom

Landrum Kelly

I tried different angles of the window, one leaning strongly to the left.  This is the one I decided to post.


Patsy Dunn


  Creative abstract with beautiful colors, the black background just adds to the image.  Thanks for sharing.  Take care, Patsy

Landrum Kelly
Window and Piano III Comments welcome.


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