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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Thursday 11th of March 2010 02:13:33 PM


David Barstow
Delightful! No further embellishment needed...

John Peri
Backstage .. Waiting for me to get my act together ...

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John It is a very beautiful pictures, a very nice model, the pose very sexy and soft. Congratulations. Friendly. Jean-Jacques.

John Peri
Come on Pierre, from a person with your intellect and artistic prowess, really! .. :-) We are not hysterical about smoking in this part of the world, at leat not yet. Most things North American end up coming here though. People laughed at me when as a student I told them that one day there would be McDonald's on the Champs Elysée! Hm, thank God we don't have women's lib though, at least not yet, now that we can definitely do without. Women are feminine here and they do what they want, including smoking if they wish. If "respect" is the real isue, then we don't argue with them over this or other matters of personal choice. It's their decision, not some anonymous viewer's on the net. A considerably large amount of my photos have women smoking, without any concern expressed over ratings! My own feelings towards the matter do not concern anyone, but my photos are like that because I like to emulate the Humphrey Bogart style of mood of the 50's, and a prop, be it a wine glass and/or a cigarette accompanied sometimes by low lights helps to do that .. Since we are on the subject, most often the purpose of ratings if any (sic), at least to me, is to learn what others think of a photo in terms of appeal, I do not colllect points like a schoolboy. In this case, I don't need the information, the photo is plain bad. It's here in the "backstage" file because of the moment captured, not it's artistic merit which is close to zero. Grain, focus, background, lighting, it's all a disaster. Hm, you now have me wondering my friend why some of your photos are not up for rating ... :-)

Mark Harris
I guess all of us who work with models have seen this look. well captured, John, as usual. It is nice that you demystify the process for the casual lurkers.

Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful!! Alberto

Jim Phelps
John, Is there a reason you chose to make this B&W? The stockings obviously have some color in them that would create more visual tension, and I suspect her eyes are blue which would create additional color contrast. What's going on? Jim Phelps

John Peri
Bad resolution, bad, flat colours Jim .. and then there is always the hope that it might look a little more artistic (read less aggressive) in black and white .. :-)

Alon Eshel
Lovely image . This model got a smile on her face all the time , So sweet

Maurizio Moro
To visit you is always a very pleasant moment!

Michael C
Very nice, as always John!

John Peri
Thank you friends ..

Michael Meneklis
Fantastic creative work. Original and beautiful image. Bravo.

Salvador Penaloza
Another of your great shots, John. I like the shot itself, but one more thing that I admire, it is the way your models pose, relaxed and enjoying the moment, amazing work my friend, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures, happy weekend // Salvador

Pierre Dumas
Charming curls! But smoking could kill (as it says on my cigarettes pack here) and that's why this picture is for critique only! IE naive people believe the written (especially printed) words and wouldn't therefore rate this picture with curly girl smoking with higher ratings! Right John? PDE

John Peri
Stephen, with the recesion on, you can get psychiatric therapy at present with cut rates .. :-) .. many thanks for passing by .. :-)

Stephen Solomon
Coincidence... I like the photo as a B & W. I remember these stockings from previous shots you have taken. Color may be distracting from the mood of the black and white. However, I can agree with the above that it would be nice to see the eye color. Not necessarily in this particular image. Perhaps a close portrait. Just my perspective, but the front of the arm of the chair resembles slightly that area which is hidden by her right foot. I have no problem with it, just thought it to be coincidental. Sometimes I see things others don't. Fun portrait.

John Peri
Yes Alon, many thanks, she's very cute .. and that's what "backstage" is all about. I just wish I had taken a better photo, but then you often lose those moments if you start to fiddle with the camera. I just lifted it and clicked, like in the one below where I was sitting on the floor changing lens .. :-) .. but we did spend a lot of time laughing ..

John Peri
Backstage .. Going through my files and remembering some of the delicious little moments that surround our photo sessions ..

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