by Jouhtinen Anne

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Published: Monday 8th of March 2010 01:26:00 PM


Tony Hadley

Anne. This image has a certain mood to it which I find pleasant. It is soft and blue and as the photographer you must have the final say in what your images speak to you and the viewers. Just for discussion purposes  I have modified it a bit and it is really for discussion purposes to see your image through my eyes.


I used the levels command and also color balance to achieve what I produced


Thanks for your visit and comments. If you see one of my images that you really like, don't be shy to rate it. I will do the same with you as long as i really like it.



Anne Jouhtinen

Thanks a lot Tony! My shot was taken at northern parts of Finland, in Lapland, at the time of year when the sun doesn´t rise for three months.The lightning is very intresting and with -25C below zero tempereture the air is really blue. Your version is okay too and normally I would do the same : )....a

Anne Jouhtinen
Finnish winter Thank you!

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