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Published: Monday 8th of March 2010 01:25:26 PM


Peter Meade
Although I have a feeling this shot may not be to the general PN taste, I like it in the way it shows the poor bird trying to survive in the cold and dark. Yes, brighter and more contrast would have been good, but as it is, it gives a sense of the moment and for me, photography should give a feeling of what it's like.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thanks a lot Peter! The situation was very difficult for shooting. I got a glimpse of this wonderful bird sitting at the top of a huge pine by accident beside a busy road in Lappland. Took the shots from the carĀ“s open window with extremely tight view among lots of trees and electric wires. Had to crop it a lot, the sky was totally cloudy and weather was misty. So I decided to make a photo with mood and memory. Not trying even to be realistic, there were no possibilities for that. Nice that you captured the feeling, thanks!!! Best wishes

Steve Shinn
More of a fun shot for me. (I admit that I had to google this bird, he's a biggun ain't he!) A bit brighter might help but it might mess up the futility of the look. Was it frozen? lol.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you Steve very much! Not frozen, very much alive and aloud : ). Best wishes

Anne Jouhtinen
Capercaillie Thank you!

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