by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Abstract

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of February 2010 09:00:49 AM


Jim Phelps
John, Definitely one of your best. I particularly like the "wet" skin and the saturated colors. Jim Phelps

Bill Symmons
Beautifully done John, an elf in a fantasy land !! All my best, Bill

Alon Eshel
Lady of the woods .............. Lovely

John Peri
Thank you Bill. I have to be very quick, she only appears briefly every four years, and even then you need to wear infra red spectacles to se her .. ::-)

Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful. Alberto

Hans Hollander
How about "gazelle in the woods" for a title. Has something mystical/fairytale to it.

Simon Moles
Fantastic colours! Stunning, John. The colours are so vibrant and striking! I have been staring at this photo for ages & would love to stand and stare at a giant version hung on the wall! I envy your skills! Zain

eduard szattler
Some different kind of your work, but it is good. Ed

Maurizio Moro
...Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!!! Wonderful mind's play, my dear friend!

John Peri
In the woods .. leap year, full moon

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