by Sousa Dias Nana

seeking critique sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Category: Landscape

Published: Monday 22nd of February 2010 11:28:35 PM


Doug MacDonald
I like your range of tones, but somehow this is just all too busy: so many zones of shade and colour. Clouds, waves, water falling, rocks...it's just a jumble. No focus of attention.

David Roossien
I don't feel the need to defend this one from critique, but the variety is this one's strength. It requires the viewer to search and expend energy to find the many interesting details and put them together for yourself. If you stare at this long enough the scene becomes one large abstraction with several smaller ones. But, if you expect the photo to jump right out at you and tell you what to see, then you're missing what it has to offer..

Bettie Coetzee

the spice of life. I cannot agree more. This one would keep in wondermont for ever. Toast to you, Nanan

Nana Sousa Dias
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