by Peri John

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Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Monday 22nd of February 2010 12:22:21 PM


Mark Harris
I love the soft, pensive mood here. The lighting and background add to this feeling. You two should be very proud of this photograph.

Bill Symmons
Very nice portrait John. A little withdrawn and contemplative with a great pose to complete the feel. Perfect for B&W. Good job. All my best, Bill

John Peri
The wife of a friend on PN. Please do not personalize your comments, thank you.

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful and elegant photo, I love it. Best regards. Alberto

Ed Nadel
another evocative portrait, both face and arms contributing to the inner tension

Robert Crouch

I say to people "You can have a red coat, but you can't simply have 'a red'."  So similarly, you cannot have an interesting nude portrait if you have not first established that this is indeed a person, a particular individual.

This is the reason why this photo is a success: you have created an interesting image of a person who seems fully real.  She seems real because she is thinking real thoughts.

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