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Published: Saturday 20th of February 2010 10:55:25 PM


Philippe Carly
To Stephan... ah ah ! I just looked at your work Stephan and found one your photos ( http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=9794520 ) where the model's vulva was similarly cropped.... ;-D

Bob Kurt

Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful, lovely, excellent as always. Alberto

Salvador Penaloza
Really amazing, one of the best, it is sensual, lovely and elegant, besides the model is very attractive, I have always said that you really show the woman´s beauty at the most , congratulations John, I have to learn a lot from you Maestro , best and warm regards // Salvador

John Peri
Thank you Mark. I will just add that there is no vulgarity in the human body, it is only we that can make it appear so.

Michael C
Beautiful girl!

Mark Harris
First, I have to say I was immediately drawn in to her powerful eyes. I can almost hear, John, what you say she said to you. The composition, the arm and legs in all different directions and the lighting all join together to create a terrific photograph. The lighting brings out the form of her legs in a very nice way. Now I'll return your fine comment on one of my photographs to give some thoughts to some of the other critiques. Any of us who have photographed models know you can not "convince" them to do anything they don't want to. They all have their personal limits which we must honor. I have recently started a series of lightpainted macro views of the body. Since I am working inches from them there must be a trust that I work hard to establish. I will ask if I can photograph them a certain way and they can feel comfortable that I will accept no as an answer. In return, many have trusted me to make images of body areas that are, as you have done here, artistic and not vulgar. Not everyone will see it that way but, as you said, it is from their own background and viewpoint. I have seen many images here that display labia in a way that is obviously there to be erotic, I don't feel that here. She presented the pose and you created what, from my viewpoint, is a very good photograph.

John Peri
Many thanks Allan. It's really all about deciding where to draw the line or crop a picture. I see photos of persons dressed that appear to me vulgar, and I continue to explore the possibilities of creating suggestive art that does not ellicit the same response. That said, I fully conceive that people's taste will vary, and that the life experience on which our personal views are formed does also. The challenge is to remain elegant while stimulating the imagination. Of course there are societies also in which to revel an ankle or some hair is a publicly floggable offense.. Our own backyards sometimes may appear less extreme, but in essence they can sometimes be pretty similar, the only difference being that in the Western world we are also hypocrite. Many thanks for passing by.

Allan Kirby
Brave new world I believe the French would say l'audace - eyes into the lens it would appear to be challenging the viewer. It is a brave step, a courageous one. I like the diagonals in this picture the beads, legs arms taking the view all through the image. Bravo mon ami.

John Peri
How kind of you Branko, thank you. I think that a lot depends on the relationship with the models and living up to the trust that they put in you, but it's really not a question of convincing them, this is most often a mutual thing. Nonetheless, no photograph is worth putting into danger the friendship shared with these persons. In this particular case the pose was spontanous and she said, I'm sure you know what to do with it. I remember Betcee May a well known model once said the same thing to me with some revealing poses .. she also added I will not pose in any way without being aware that it can be used and how.

Antonio F
woooooooooooooooooow wonderful female you always get super models

John Peri
Thanks Antonio, but this is really all about photography. That said, I do believe that to make tasteful nudes, it helps if the model is elegant and attractive, elegant in particular.

James Baeza
I personally do not find this image appealing. I have no problem with her exposed vulva other than the fact I think it just does not work here. I do not believe this image is up to your usual standard. Folks will "wow!" anything with this type of exposure even when, in my opinion, the quality is low. Sorry to be a downer. Best Regards.

Richie V Finestra
Truly...! Truly beautiful and sexy... It remains enigma to me how you convince all these beautiful women to pose for you and let you publish photos... Most likely answer is in your attitude and moreover in tasteful and beautiful photography you do. Congratulations.

Philippe Carly
Hello John, well done once more, with elegance, respect, taste and intimacy, from BOTH the model and the photographer. I agree 200% with everything you said in your previous answers to comments on this one. Congrats Philippe

Maurizio Moro
One word...charming!

John Peri
No problem my friend, on the contrary, that is what I post the work for, thanks for your opinion. It is possible though that you are seeing more than is there. The pose is much more suggestive than it is revealing, and for me the provocation comes from the eyes and the expression, not the genitalia. I also think it's time we stopped being hysterical about our anatomy. There is nothing dirty in the human body, only in our minds.

Antonio F
Thanks "MAESTRO"

James Baeza
Yes. The eyes are your signature. I have always enjoyed your work. I do not believe I am "seeing more than there is" this time around, I just simply do not find this image appealing. Please note I have no problem with human anatomy. No hysteria here. You will never have to worry about those types of issues within my comments. Best Regards once again.

Stephan Brauchli
to Philippe - I know - to me it works in that picture - dunno why maybe the right angle working with the angles of the legs etc. or the lack of hair - again as usual this is personal preference and in this case my comment was only for this picture - a different one from the same shoot may be different - je ne sais pas ;)

Stephan Brauchli
my 2 cents Hi John 1st off I would like to say I really enjoy your work and your fantastic taste in women. However, I am not a fan of this image - what bothers me is the obvious Photoshop work around her head/background and her eyes.. also IMHO I would not have cropped the vulva like this - I would either show it all or crop just below the hair.. something about the framing is also bothering me, but I can't tell what it is. Anyway, thats just my opinion and its a rare one when it comes to your work ;) To me some of your other less explicit nudes are so much more alluring. But as you will see when you visit my work, I do also appreciate explicit nudes: "*** Nature knows no indecencies - man invents them - Mark Twain *** To me even explicit nudes can be tasteful and artistic. Surely, most explicit images one comes across cater to shock value and the intrinsic voyeuristic desire of the average human to look at the body parts that have been deemed taboo by our society. This is also why nudes get many more views than say a gorgeous landscape....."

John Peri
I appreciate all your remarks friends and I enjoyed reading them, thank you. Also the desire to distinguish between art and trash. I am constantly exploring this area, and no single picture I believe will give an adequate answer, nor do I expect others to be unanimous on this point, to which we must also join our personal likes and dislikes (Stephan, I fully sympathize with your comment). What draws me personally to this photo is the alluring, yet elegant expression of the model. For some the exposure is already too much and I respect that, for other possibly it is not enough. I am not really into more explicit work than this, though I have nothing against others that may do it with taste. There is indeed another version of this shot, taken immediately after, that I think is beautiful, but too provocative for indiscriminate viewing on the net. Whenever I am in doubt, I address myself to the model. In general I believe that when it is ok for her, then it really should be ok with us. As I sometimes say, you cannot be more Royalist than the king.

Stephen Solomon
What comes across to me with respect to this picture is how comfortable this young woman is with her own self-expression. With regard to how much of "her" is exposed, and I don't just mean physically, it moves our own experience inside. All of us, when allowed the opportunity, whether in a social situation or alone, will express ourselves in a variety of moods which are atypical from our everyday behaviors. It seems to me that, as a trusted photographer and friend, you have been given a glimpse into a part of this model's persona that otherwise may not ever emerge. She is lithe and flexible, yet so very solemn, all in the same image. You have captured it from your photographic and artistic perspective. You have a real talent for being able to achieve this with numerous models, and it is enviable. On a photographic note, I love the soft lighting and contrast and the evenness of the tones. Keep up the great work.

John Peri
Thank you Stephen for your understanding and support.

Clive Rapier

Its not over exposed. Just slightly high key -ish :)

John Peri

Hello Geoff, I guess this is about as far as it goes, and this is quite probably an isolated case anyway.


There are essentially three reasons why I do not often post "controversial" work. The first is that it does not that often appeal to me - this is an exception, the second is not to overexpose the models (this one doesn't mind), and the last is not to have to spend an unreasonable amount of time discussing the matter on the forum, and by this I certainly do not mean a courteous observation such as yours. That said, there are certainly considerably more anatomical works than this of both  males and females posted on Photo net.


Our levels of acceptance have changed over the years in the Western world, this is particularly evident when you look at the early publications of Playboy, which in a sense sent this all rolling. It's not so long ago actually, we are talking about my college/student days.


There are very few examples of ugliness in nature, it is counterproductive to the evolutionary process (even bees apparently like pretty flowers), sadly it is only man that has occasionally made an art (sic) out of distorting nature, so as to highlight the vulgarity in his psyche. Thresholds will differ, good taste is less negotiable, but you cannot be more Royalist than the King. If it is ok with the model, it is often ok with me too.


What I have enjoyed over the years in photographing many of these models is their sense of independence and the strength that they portray in their work, which can sometimes almost take on a role of defiance. In that sense, this photo is no exception. I wish than in addition I could have photographed how beautiful she really is, what a beautiful person that is.


Thank you for your input Geoff which is always kindly expressed, thoughtful and to the point.

Geoff Powers

I like reading comments about your work almost (I say ALMOST) as much as I enjoy viewing your work, and there seem to be a lot of observations  in response to this image.  While it might be a bit too gynecological  for me, I am glad to know that in your capable and thoughtful way, you have raised both eyebrows and consciousness.  Congrats. 

John Peri
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