Domestic affairs # 2

by Amelkovich Igor

domestic affairs nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 9th of February 2010 05:47:43 AM


Alon Eshel
Beautiful photo well composed and with excellent b&w tones . I would prefer it without covering the face

Nice main subject, but scene a bit cluttered. I would have kept the lamp but moved the sofa on the right out of the picture.

Michael C
I think everything about this scene is great - including the pose and great skin tones. Even though I know it's supposed to be some kind of metaphorical statement, I would prefer her head not being covered.

David McCracken
I wouldn't... I wouldn't have recognised this as one of yours. I haven't much to say other than I like it... a lot.

Igor Amelkovich
Domestic affairs # 2 It`s a little from new domestic series.

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