One nude Without a head.

by Amelkovich Igor

one nude without a head seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 8th of October 2002 07:38:06 AM


Igor Amelkovich
Thanx. Thank. Hiding a head I really wanted to achieve interesting effect. One interesting moment, on the Russian forums this photo does not find understanding.

Nina Hydrasten
I can't figure out if the hidden head was to protect the identity of the model or if the effect was really sought after. Either way, I like the result and think this is a winner.

Wes Pettus
A very sensuous image. I love her placement in the square format, it's beautifully balanced.

Barry Fisher
From Russia with ? Very nice photograph. The tonality is just right and the contrasts are beautiful between the skin and the textures. The composition is very fresh and begs to ask many questions about its meaning. Its either very good art, or a great add photo for the boots :). Though I would maintain that the two are not neccessarily incompatable.

Scott Bulger
I think I would prefer to see both hands, and to get some more light on her left foot. I don't know about hiding the head, it makes me feel kind of disconnected. If thats what you were going for, than it worked. I think I would also reverse the balance of black on top and bottom. Very striking image. In spite of these comments, I like it a lot. It is only with images that I like that I can spend the time to look at with this much attention.

Mark Wyco
I like the tonality of the models skin. Interesting.

Rim Walker
Aesthetics 4, Originality 6 I feel that this image needs to be cropped closer to the subjects body. I also not quite sure how I feel about her head being covered with the fabric, maybe cropped at her shoulders would be better? Are make sure that the fabric is completely not visible. Nice image though.

Keld Nielsen
Interesting work

Igor Amelkovich

Peter Davies
Contradictions Exuding sexuality but hiding from it at the same time. A see-me, don't see me message. The photograph portrays these aspects well.

Igor Amelkovich
Erotic. One nude Without a head. One interesting moment, on the Russian forums this photo does not find understanding.

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