Backstage pause: we were discussing Obama's economic renewal strategy .. !

by Peri John

backstage pause we were discussing obamas economic johnperi nude glamour fashion portrait artistic ba peri john

Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Friday 8th of January 2010 11:03:01 AM


John Peri
Jim, a bit of a flower child, ecologist, hence strongly oriented towards stimulating research on new sources of energy, but very sharply intelligent ... jobs for the people too, but they have to produce something .. more administration only draws on resources. Isn't that what we are trying to save ?

John Peri
backstage moments .. I remember, we were discussing Obama's economic renewal strategy .. !

Stephen Solomon
She appears frail... because of the way her legs and arms are arranged and the way her head is tilted. But, her expression says "Just wait a minute! I am not through with my wine!" This image is wonderful and classy. I wouldn't have imagined that the placement of your main subject as she is, would not only be the obvious focal point, but also the anchor for the very strong diagonal line that runs from lower right to upper left. Also, the excellent balance of light and dark elements in your image. The lighting is superb and the mood is very, very relaxed, warm and sexy. Even if it was just serendipity, your ability to pull this off is enviable. Over the years, I have seen many of your models/ images and you never fail to bring out beautiful expressions in all of them. Yes, they are attractive models to begin with, but I am sure you will attest, there is a mysterious element that is not present until they are in front of the Peri Lens. Thanks for another thought provoking photo!

John Peri
How very nice of you Steve, thank you. Well, maybe it's the white hair then .. : -)

Jim Phelps
John, And do you remember what her position on this was?? Jim Phelps

Hans Hollander
John, The description I put for you on my list of interesting people is "artistic without being obscene'. Well, you did it again. Subtly inviting to deep erotic moments while being miles away from glossy magazine material.

John Peri
Thank you Hans, I truly appreciate that. It is indeed a reflection of life that I often try to portray, possibly more closely associated with our dreams than with reality. I do not appreciate the instant gratification of a glossy magazine which does not allow for fantasy to materialize.

Bob Kurt
Nice girl It's good to be open minded

Robert Gordon
Peri nudes mask nakedness while allowing the viewer to glimpse into a woman's soul. Your images "suggest" more than they "say".

Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch

World could be out of any economical major crisis if we were following your life style !


balthazar m.

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