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Gallery: Erotic Hardware

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of October 2002 09:59:11 PM


Jeremy Stein
I don't know which of these I like better because I like them all so much. I think the concept is marvelous and the execution is very fine. The lighting is practically perfect, the backgrounds are very effective, and overall I think this is great stuff! I can hardly wait to see the next entry in the series...

Cnaan Liphshiz
I adore the idea. This is my favourite of the whole folder.

Vicki Huynh
Consider cropping a little from the bottom and moving the frame a little to th right. The shadow is cut off in this one.

Gabriella Dávid
great folder, gave me a hard laugh!

Gary Durington
Check out the folder. This is part of a series. It makes more sense if you see all of it. I didn't say it makes a lot of sense, it just makes more sense.

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