Bridge over the small stream. Foggy

by . ilia

bridge over the small stream foggy seeking critique ilia

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of October 2002 02:12:53 PM


ilia .
Garden hose? You mean that branch in front of the tree? Now that you mentioned that, I have to admit it does look a lot like a garden hose... but it is not. Believe me it's not - I've been there :)

John Calafut
Beautiful. It's a shame the bushes in the lower right aren't a little sharper, but that might be stretching it a bit. Still beautiful all things considered.

ilia .
Just to avoid continuation of that debate here's the "doctored" version of the original image with "hose/branch" in question stamped out.

Daryl D
Very nice. Looks even better without that green thing at the base of the tree.

ilia .
Bridge over the small stream. Foggy The price of this photograph was 11 mosquito bites, and that was the year of the West Nile virus in NYC and lower Westchester.... Let me know if you think it was worth it.

If you liked this image I would appreciate your comments on the rest of the photos in my Scenics folder. If you are not too much into the landscapes of mine :), you may like my "Portraits of family and friends" better.

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