Anita Model - Trinity

by Khunduqji Ashraf

anitamodel trinity nikon d flash bowens mm portrait model ash khunduqji ashraf

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Tags: nikon d3 flash bowens trinity 85mm portrait model ashraf khunduqji girl beautiful charming gorgeous doha qatar anita seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Thursday 31st of December 2009 08:14:37 AM


Michael J
The slightly over-exposed background may be intentional, which separates Anita's soft and relaxed appeal in this nice portrait. Her crumpled sleeves bring some subtle texture into the image. Mick.

Bob Kurt
Pure Beauty!

Michael J
Mark, you seem to want to change every little nit-picking thing about this wonderful portrait image. I personally think it's such a wonderful and pleasing-to-the-eye piece of photographical bliss! Anita's body-angle to the camera is very flattering for her. If you've done any professional portrait work, then I suggest you submit them. OK? Let's see them!

Ashraf Khunduqji
Anita Trinity

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