Abandoned House, Erwin Mill Rd., 2003

by Kelly Landrum

abandoned house erwin mill rd seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Tuesday 29th of December 2009 02:13:59 AM


Jack McRitchie
I feel a little like this house, myself, over here far from family and friends (well, I do have a few here). You have a soft spot for these noble old derelicts, Lannie. Have a wonderful 2010. Look forward to meeting up again in the new year. Regards, Jack.

Patsy Dunn
Lannie, This is a wonderful old home, I bet it was a beauty in its day. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year !!! Patsy

Tom Wiggins
Lannie: Old houses make for good photos. Happy New Year! Tom

Diane Hooper
Wow - I love both of these shots but think I like this one better. The beautiful blue sky makes the house look even even more desolate. Diane

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jack. Yes, I love these old houses. I hope that you have a Happy New Year. I'm sorry that you feel so alone. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Pnina, I can never rest until I get your judgment, and so I am delighted that you like it, as well as the house itself, which is the real star here. As always, of course, the photo (like the house) has long been out there waiting for someone to come by and capture it. My regards go to the architect and the people who built it, as well as those who lived in it. As a dear friend of mine has said, it is tragic that no one has stepped forward to save this old structure. I have not seen it in about five years. I shall have to drive down there soon and see how it is doing. Fortunately, with Google maps anyone (especially a photographer who lives in Greenville, Spartanburg, or Columbia, South Carolina--or somewhere in between) could look up Erwin Mill Rd., Princeton, SC and find this house in a very few minutes. It is at the intersection of Erwin Mill Rd. and Cleve Knight Rd., just southwest of US 25 winding southwest down toward the Saluda River that separates Laurens and Abbeville counties in South Carolina (on the Laurens County side of the river). It is probably only five minutes off a major artery (US 25) that connects Greenville and Greenwood. I guess that that is my way of saying that I hope that someone gets down there if I do not--but I won't be expecting you to fly in from Tel Aviv to do it for me! The house is easily visible as an L-shape near the bottom of the satellite picture, less than two hundred feet from Erwin Mill Rd., from which it is easily visible as one drives by. --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Lannie I like the old houses of this kind,they have always a story/history to tell. the upper light and lower shadow are fitting metaphorically to the dept of the time pass.Looking at the modern concrete towers, there is something very tempting in this old architecture,. Very nice composition, with the leafless tree ( as well as the curtains....) that add to the feeling of time and seasons changes. My best wishe to you Lannie,for 2010.

Charles Griffin
Keep it going

There must be thousands of these old house in the Carolinas and all across the south. Someone should be recording them. I thought about doing a project years ago but never seemed to have  the time to pursue it.  You do very well at it and live in proximity to so many. I hope you continue to capture them.

Landrum Kelly
Abandoned House, Erwin Mill Rd., 2003 There is also a black and white version in this folder. Comments welcome.


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