Embera girl in Panama

by Wilkiewicz Jarek

embera girl in panama darien portrait indigenous indian joungle e wilkiewicz jarek

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Published: Saturday 26th of December 2009 01:53:16 PM


Mark Starr
Jarek. I think it is just beautiful, and I like the mystery of trying to figure out what is going on with her chin and lower cheeks. Her eyes are gorgeous- Mark

Jarek Wilkiewicz
Alain Thank you for your opinoin, ive learned new things about this image. I think ill present it on my exhibition. thx

Jarek Wilkiewicz
Thanks Mark. just what i wanted to hear ;) painting on her face is called "pintura" and its made with "kipara" special fruit juice. Thats wwhat Embera Indians do. greetz

Alain Deppen
Jarek, I like this picture a lot. Maybe because it leaves me with a strange mixed impression. Eyes, skin texture, DOF and colours are very attractive. At the same time, the paintings (on my screen it's not really obvious that it is painting) makes it slightly strange, frightening, or even a bit repulsive. I like this mixed impression! Best regards, Alain

Jarek Wilkiewicz
wonder what you think im not sure about this photo and wanted to know what you guys think

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