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Published: Thursday 17th of December 2009 06:47:07 PM


John Peri
Hans, the purpose of my posting is to discuss the photography, not the anatomy of the model. There is nothing to be gained by offending someone in this manner. Thank you.

Michael C
Beautiful John!

Raymond Borg
Very good image John. Great use of lighting and skin tones. The model looks confident and relaxed. Congrats.

Alberto Quintal
John. So beautiful, you get the perfect tone, pose and model, I like it a lot. Best regards. Alberto

Hans Hollander
I removed my comment since it seemed offensive to make comments about the model. However as a counterpoint: - As a society we seem to overly praise being skinny to the point that it has detrimental effects on many women, not only psychologically, but to the point that they starve themselves (think of disorders like bulimia). As the father of a daughter about to enter the teenage years, it is something that bothers me greatly. Many girls, that from a pure anatomical point of view are perfectly normal see themselves erroneously as grossly overweight. - if somebody is going to pose nude for a picture that will be published on the internet, expect a comment or two. I did not use any vulgarities, I merely made a comment about the bodily image she portrays, refer back to my first point.

John Peri
Many thanks Geof. In my view also, the lace is too prominent, in particular the second fold. Thanks for passing by. John

Michael C
Just an added note regarding Han's comment. Hans, you have to realize, and accept, that different people have different notions of what constitutes beauty. I happen to be of the mind that this particular model is as about as close as you can get to perfection... both in looks and her figure. Some other people go for more the meaty, robust look. And some even feel that the obese are attractive. Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder. And John is right... this isn't a place to judge the model, but rather, the photographer's presentation of her or him. You might be interested in a recent conversation about this very subject in the "Philosophy of Photography" forum (http://photo.net/philosophy-of-photography-forum/00V7cF).

John Peri
thank you friends . Merry Christmas to all ..

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo
Excellent, John ... as usual. Merry Christmas ... I wish you the best for the new year ... A hug.

chocolate jack
I really like this image John. The tonal values are great with good detail. I like the fact that you have captured the rib cage, something that portrays the model as a 'normal' person. We all have different bodies and whether we judge someone as 'fat' or 'skinny' is only relevant to the culture we live in....Love the pose and the soft fall of the hair...but I think the lace at the bottom is a bit too strong in dark colour which causes the lines to distract me as a viewer....the model has lovely fingers and and a gorgeous face with lovely smile and I particular like the framing lines thru the centre of the image

John Peri
Hans, your views, everyone's veiws are understandable and respected, whether one agrees with them or not. However, there is a special forum on PN to discuss these and other unrelated issues, and the place is not under someone's photo. Presumably, you would not enjoy your daughter's anatomy being criticized in public. Well, even though she has chosen to be photographed, this young lady also has parents and she does not appreciate it either. As I have already stated, there is nothing to be gained by offending someone's feelings (skinny, ribs etc.,) under pretext that a right has been granted. Such statements can be made impersonally, harmlessly, elsewhere to one's heart content. That said, I will add that we live in an age of science, your personal opinion and mine are of little consequence. There is a 'body mass index" or BMI range for all ages which is medically established as been conducive to a healthy life. Whereas it is claimed from it's effects on morbidity and mortality that underweight is indeed hazardous to our health, it is even more clearly established that obesity (up to 35 % of our youth today) leads to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, thrombosis, stroke and cancer. Parents should be well informed before passing on messages to their children and to others. This is closer to my area of expertise than photography, though I should not be discussing it here. I will add however that the young lady above enters well into the definition of normality, if not perfection. Thank you for removing your initial comment. John

Tore Nilsson
Very nice skin tone in the picture and as I said in another comment, she is really beautiful and looks self confident. Great work. Best regards Tore

John Peri
Dear friends, I have informed the administrators that one can no longer access my front page. I think I overloaded the biography page with text, and I must wait consequently for it to be corrected.

John Peri
Thanks Jim, the pose is in part related to the presence of the garment, but I agree that it is a litle imposing at the bottom. Thanks .. I may try to remove that last blob, if I'm good enough with PS which I doubt !

Jim Phelps
John, Beautiful image, I particulary like the pose. However, the black lace and the garment in general are somewhat distracting and (IMHO) do not contribute significantly to the image. Jim Phelps

Christopher Schlaf
Beautiful everything

Taz Rahman

I have only just noticed this. As an ardent admirer of your work and philosophy of photography, I love it just as much as I like almost all of your nudes. There is a candid feel to your images where stunning models are often captured against rather ordinary backgrounds. There is less of a sense of displacement in this rather than the carefully staged and retouched studio images that much of commercial and editorial photography seems to be about these days.

I noted with displeasure that someone had actually felt it necessary to critique the physique of the model. This young lady is perhaps as close to perfection as anybody could aspire to in her physicality. A lot is written to defend the unfit and overweight but an photo critique platform is certainly not the place for it. Beautiful work, beautiful model as I have come to expect from you.

John Peri

Thank you Starvy, I very much appreciate your support. It was quite a while back, but yes, people do persist sometimes in commenting on the models.


That's fine inasmuch as the critique is related to the image, what she's wearing, how she is posing etc., but it is not acceptable in my view when it concerns the physique of the model. Apart from the fact that it is not anyone else's business and that it often comes across as offensive to the model that reads it. What are they suggesting anyway, that we should only photograph people that conform to their ideal physiognomy, weight and disposition?


Many thanks for passing by. John


John Peri
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