Face in the dark

by Wellmann Ilona

face in the dark wellmann ilona

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Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon PowerShot G1
Date Time Original : 2001-11-28 16:50:35
Focal Length : 601/32
Shutter Speed Value : 1/8
Aperture Value : 2.5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 180.000000
Y Resolution : 180.000000

Published: Friday 27th of September 2002 10:25:56 PM


Seven Stuartson
Aesthetics , Originality Ilona, I like the curve of the cloth and tight nature of your composition. Would you agree that by pushing the shadow area we might get to see some texture? Very well done.

Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 very sharp-draws you into the mystique

Saybian Morgan
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Its amazing how little you have to see, to be dazed and charmed by the beuty of a woman. The lighting is perfect, the subjects tones come out perfectly while the black detailing is kept and the regular fabric blends into the background

Ilona Wellmann
Thanks Thanks for your appreciations and comments( ratings). This shot it`s also my favourite in this serie.

Nestor Botta
Aesthetics 7, Originality 5 Nice, excellent blacks!!!!

Ilona Wellmann
Thanks Thanks Sean, I have also noticed this, but it`s the effect of resizing.

Andreas L. Szilvasy
Love it ! Very dramatic photograph. I like the framing also.

Nousheen H
Aesthetics 5, Originality 5 Nice subject, but I feel like more could have been done with her. For some reason it doesn't seem to capture the essence of an woman in hejab.

Christopher G. Dunn (I don't use PS)
Beautiful composition, beautiful contrast, beautiful shot. Chris...

Wes Pettus
The eyes have it. It's stark, simple and direct. A wonderful shot.

Benjamin Cossel
Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 This is one of the most striking images I've seen. Your contrasts are wonderful, the eyes powerful, the whole mood of this image is top notch.

Jay Dixon
Should sit on front page. Great use of empty space in a portrait. You hear that Marc? Nice contrast between the extreme tones. The key here is sharpness, which is excellent even in the far eye. Regards, J.

Sean Blair
8/8 Beautiful and Mysterious. The pixilation is noticable on her right cheek, but I suspect this is because of the small file size. I Love contrast-y pictures! Wonderful!

Trevor Hopkins
A striking portrait, but it does look like a studio-manufactured image removed from any meaningful context. On that basis it works well as an abstract, but including something like a moodily-lit fretwork screen or archway to suggest her presence in a mosque would complement the devotional intensity in her eyes. I personally don't like studio portraits as they invariably end up looking contrived and removed from 'reality'. I think natural light in a natural setting will always evoke greater empathy from the viewer, but then I only shoot landscapes, so what do I know?! With an image of this graphic simplicity you probably wouldn't want any distracting Islamic architecture in the background, but I'd still prefer to see her photographed in a real mosque...

R. Jaafar
Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 I like how you placed your subject in the frame, and also the solid black surrounding her face

Ray House
Aesthetics 6, Originality 5 Nice....composition, exposure, subject and lighting!

Michael Wagner
Aesthetics 5, Originality 5 I would crop more to the eyes.

Camilla Cherry
Excellent Very, very nice portrait!

Ronald Duren
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 It's all in the eyes. I want to see more!

john s. flannery
Well done, with appropriate use of the "thirds." An exceptional directional image where simplicity reigns.

Jose Santos
Face in the dark Outstanding. One of the best portraits have seen for long time. All the elements there. Keep it as it is . Congratulations & best wishes

Mark Plonsky
The composition, contrast, and expression, combined with the exquisite clarity and detail make for a very impressive image.

Elisabet Juan Tresserra
Very nice contrasty pic.

Brad Bradley
Ilona, This is such a powerful photograph, for many of the reasons already mentioned above, composition, tones, the rich depth of the blacks and of course the powerful eyes. I understand and appreciate Trevors point regarding the need for a contextural background but I don't know if you would ever have as good an image as you have captured here. You did do others in a series but all of them are taken in the studio. I agree it would be interesting to see the same model in a religious/archtectural context. Maybe you could try to do another series. Anyway, you have a wonderful pofolio of images and hope you continue to share your work with us, Brad

Steve Patterson
Lovely tones and mood, but it's the intensity of the gaze that sells this...it immediately makes you wonder what she's thinking of and invites you build a story around it. Draws you in and pushes you away at the same time. Nice. Steve

Dan Andrews
Great Contrast ...and I'm not talking about black-and-white. The cultural contrast between the traditional veil of a Muslim woman and the obvious sense of power in this portrait is subtly provocative. No doubt there are other meanings one could read into this photo, but the positive reactions from viewers here speaks to the messages this photo could convey. Nice work!

Bob Prichard
Compelling Photograph I don't know what it is about this photograph, but I keep coming back to look at it again and again. If you are selling prints, please let me know. How did you light it?

Luciano Checco
I just love it; the composition, the light, the mood on her eyes, the texture of the scarf, a wonderful portrait

Ken Kneringer
The Best One Of The VERY BEST Portraits I've Seen. Exceptional Work And Creativity.

Barry Fisher
Very dramatic I think you have a real sense of flair in your portraits. You get good sharp detail and dramatic lighting that works, all work toghether to make photos that evoke interest. Thanx!

Desmond du Mont
Face in the dark... Just a beautiful image all the way around -- technical quality, composition, and content...

Brent Woo
A Most Stricking shot ... Beautiful work. Some amazing eyes.

aruna kahaduwaarachchi
It Unvails Excellent! "The Vailed" unvails your "vision" in the darkness. Aruna Kahaduwaarachchi, Colombo.

Markos George Hionos
excelent portrait ! great black and white photography ..my regards ...www.mindstormphotos.com

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