Beautiful pregnant woman

by Young Sean

beautiful pregnant woman seeking critique young sean

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Published: Thursday 26th of September 2002 02:48:35 PM


M. Hayward
Feels very sweet and delicate. I agree that it could be better without the dresser and with a different crop, but it's still very good.

Samuel Wein
Room for imagination I actually think the cropping was appropriate, given that the mirror image only shows the woman's right side. This preserves the symmetry, and leaves room for imagination. Not sure how it will look with both of her arms in full view, and her legs, then what else, need I say more? A nude like this is always better with less details. Less is more, absolutely! Good to see another PrimeScene image.

Paolo Cozzaglio
I agree with other comments: I dont'like background. How manipulating it in PS? Maintaining the mirror (a little blurr)and feathering it into a degradating gray background. But is only my opinion.

M.M. Meehan
Wonderfull image and well composed. The expression on her face is delightfull. It could perhaps be a little sharper, or am I just misty eyed viewing this? Thanks for posting.

Daniel Vinklar
Aesthetics 6, Originality 5 She is truly beautiful. And a very nice picture that is. COngratulations (on both). :-) Regards, DV

steve h
A pregnant woman is one of the prettiest imgages to see, so full of life. I like the image, the mirror would be fine if it were not for the dresser and such in it. The croping is a bit distracting (you cut off her arm and leg) but its a nice image. If my wife ever becomes pregnant again, I am going to shoot a set a month to show the growth and such.

Don Harper
This is a lovely image, but I must agree the background is distracting. I love the smile on her face. Well done.

Aubre Cummings
Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 Beautiful Mommy

Bruce Jones
yes to both I wouldn't change a thing. It's a loving look at a woman in her personal space. Great work.

Sean Young
Image of Pregnant Mother Any commments would be appreciated.

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