BACKSTAGE .. a moment's pause in shooting

by Peri John

backstage a moments pause in shooting peri john

Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Tuesday 8th of December 2009 02:16:28 PM


Alberto Quintal
John. Beautiful! Alberto

Stephen Solomon
OKAY, Your model IS beautiful, but this image is not good. Too much clutter in the background, too much of a cramped style for her, and the lighting is too hard. She has an expression on her face that depicts doubt, as if she can't believe you are taking this shot when she is clearly not ready and hoping that you won't post it. I can't believe you have posted this one. Indeed, it is backstage, but all of your other backstage images present your models in a casual, playful mood where as this one is almost too much of an attempt to be a real model in an environment that is not conducive to setting off her pose from the environment.

Stephen Solomon
I am curious, I visit again and appreciate your response. I am not sure I would be willing to stand naked in front of my friends smoking a cigarette while one of the opposite sex captured pictures of me. I hadn't thought of it in that perspective. Perhaps, if I have a couple of glasses of red wine, I would consider it! I am always interested to see your photos. Keep up the good work!

John Peri
Controversial ? Great to read a critique that is contrary to my thoughts Stephen. Whereas one may agree with the clutter or not, and I love it personally even if it does obscure the outline of the hair in this case, this was really a moment of detente during which we laughed a lot and certainly she had no objection to my taking the photo. Whether it comes across in the picture I don't think is really relevant. Whereas it's true that I often post images when good humour is displayed, it is also meant to be a record of what goes on behind the scenes, irrespective of the mood, and this shot is just a prelude to others caught of her shown earlier in a montage while she's changing. I distinctly remember it and her with fondness and we are searching for an opportunity to do this again. Hmm, does she look a little awkward ... have you tried standing naked smoking while in the presence of a friend of the opposite sex, I wonder what pose either of us would adopt?! .. whatever, haha, that's what I recorded. Delighted when you throw it at me Stephen, many thanks again. To backtrack once again .. there are moments when the girls show irritation, though this is not the case .. I should really search my files and post some of those too .. :-) ... It's a bit like family life, we choose to focus on the good times, but there are others too. PS. She said she's coming back soon to spend a long weekend with her boyfriend, and she promised to send him out shopping while we do some more photos .. :-)

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