by Sousa Dias Nana

lura sousa dias nana

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Published: Monday 23rd of September 2002 01:49:06 AM


James Morehouse
Beautiful portrait!

Joel Collins
Great! I really love this photo. There are no distractions here to lead our eyes away from the beauty of the model. (Don't you love the Pentax 67 with 135mm? I use that combo for almost all of my photography now.)

David Vatovec
It actually can`t get much better than this - a very good portrait, that just misses to be extraordinaire - but don`t actually know why!

Paolo Cozzaglio
Another good job, Nana! Your portraits in B&W are great. I like very much the expressions of your "models". Brava.

Jay Dixon
Notice the difference in activity? So many people here look but do not rate or comment. You posted this elsewhere the other day and received a great deal of attention. You gotta admit this place is like a ghost town. Once again, gorgeous work. The detail is superb. Your studio work is commendable. Regards, J.

Detlef Klahm
raw and sexy!

Pierre Lewis

Geert van der Zee
Lura A Beautiful portrait and Woman.

Steven Weston
Superb portrait -- tight, no distractions, the viewer is allowed, invited, to "meet" this very real person. But, there is just a hint of the subject trying to avoid direct contact with the camera, or with you. Raport is so hard to achieve. You do have some sort of gift to be able to make this photo. I'm certain that new photos to come will be even better because you are connecting.

roger cherry
A beautiful face with lovely detail and contrast, however, I find the body's setup to be a little distracting and feel the pose of the body creates a confusing background.

Rodney Wren

James Nelson
Cativating Great work

F. Zurro
Love it Very nice portrait, but I find it a bit bright for my taste. Hope you don't mind, I attach you a version a bit darker.

Lilly Brand
Lovely face I like her

Paul Di Lillo
WOW! Paul

John Welton
Sensuous and intimate. That 135mm with the Pentax67 works quite well for your portraits.

Alex Milarakis
Excellent black & white portrait. I like the expression of the face. Perfect work !

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