JP F376

by Peri John

jp f nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 22nd of September 2002 08:20:55 PM


John Peri
No pretensions whatsoever as to the quality of this photo ... just a snapshot of a charming young lady. I should have written this of course in introduction ...

Alex Khakhalev
John, I always like your work and models ...But the wall is... I'll trim it or blur it or whatever. :)

John Peri
Thanks for pointing it out Alex. I'm really careless sometimes.

Jean Eckard
hum Well, she's got a beautiful body, her clothing is interesting, her position as well, but where's the eye of the photographer in there? this odd sofa, the feet cropped, the little visible area of ground, the _standing_ photographer.... If I might just interfere, the wall seems a good thing in the picture, if only there was only it and she, in some cleverer way.... Well, I had a look at the rest of the folder, and I find indeed the rest better.... But I find there are sometimes when you could have afforded something to put on your models so that they don't get cold, I assure you there are interesting pictures to get out of a dressed woman as well (I'm kidding--you indeed have dressed models sometimes, but are there not too many provocative nudes in your displayed work?)

Jay Dixon
AGAIN! If that woman and that pose were full length on concrete or black sand etc. in great light, I mean great light, like the kind you find on a sunny day in a place where the top is covered and all sides save one are closed in, it would be, oh I don't know, brilliant. If I knew her, as you do, I would go find that light and shoot with a half adozen types of film. Oh my! I am impressed with your ability to find them. This one was made to be photographed, now go out and do her justice as we all know you can. I personally will hate you for it, but thats life. Regards, J.

Babatunde Martins
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 ahh john peri.. hehe. a beautiful female on a couch.. composition wize i suppose the floor could be done without.

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