Strom's Pharmacy, McCormick, SC, 2002 (Please view larger by clicking on photo.)

by Kelly Landrum

stroms pharmacy mccormick sc please view larger b seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Architecture

Published: Friday 27th of November 2009 01:40:55 PM


Les Berkley
Good 'vintage' location. Light is a little flat, but I agree that it evokes the era of my own childhood.

Claude Corbin
Very nice B&W tones, it is very evocative of an era. Too bad you cannot straighten the verticals on the left without losing some of the letters in the sign.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. Claude, I did use perspective correction to make the right side appear almost vertical, but it seemed better to leave the left side alone. Les, yes, it is flat, even with some contrast added, but the sun was almost directly behind me. This is the only shot that I have with no cars present, and so this is the one I decided to post, in spite of its limitations. (The cars looked too modern for the buildings.) --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Strom's Pharmacy, McCormick, SC, 2002 Comments welcome.


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