by Ekelberg Bengt

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Published: Wednesday 18th of November 2009 11:39:49 AM


Sean Depuydt
Love this. Really, really well done. -Sean

Bengt Ekelberg
Sean Thank you:-)

Markku Salonen
Bengt, I scratced my head as I saw the thumbnail of this wondering whenever you were playing games with us... Indeed, a boat harbor without boats do look strange, at least when the framing is this provoking - and stimulating if I may add. B&W works fine here the way you present it here. Still I'm pondering how some very very pale, offset colorpalette would work, a helpless color nut I am. Just my inner mumblings, you know. Refreshing to see something unexpected from your sleeve, Bengt.

Giuseppe Pasquali
Bravo it's a pleasure to look at. An intelligent work, thanks for sharing, Giuseppe

Bengt Ekelberg
Markku, Giuseppe Thanks:-) You've given me something to think about, Markku; I might just give it a try in colours next time... With this one I was so into my visualization in BW that the possibility of a colour version didn't even strike me.

Jack McRitchie
The the high key treatment of this scene makes it look like the whole trapeze-like apparatus is slowly being lifted from the seabed. Spectacular. Markku's comment might be something worth experimenting with.

Tatjana Adizes
Spectacular !

Bengt Ekelberg
Tatjana: thank you! :-)

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