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Gallery: The Kids VII

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Published: Sunday 15th of November 2009 01:21:01 PM


Udrea Dan
Good light. Excellent moment.

MS Keil

Alon Eshel
Great Image This is so beautiful , Must go to "National Geographic " ................ Stunning

Mark Dottle
Great image, beautiful lighting.

Ovidiu Posta
Superb image!

Jef Van den Houte
Great light composition

Mark Vincent Müller
Rarindra I have been following your postings and got caught in your portfolio many times. You have a lovely poetic style. Your mastery of light and delicate moments are precious. With deep respect, Mark.

final toto
khas yg selalu dijaga dg baik :) yg ini sangat terasa dialognya..

Javier Soto

Gultekin Isiklar
Thanks for sharing this excellent photo. You are truly a poet of light, shapes and textures. You tell beautiful stories with your photos and you make it look so easy.... Regards

Robert Holmes
No legs This is a beautiful "against the light" scene. I would have shot it in portrait mode, to include more of the bodies, and to catch the light coming through the bamboo leaves. In this landscape mode there is much dark irrelevant material on the left. Long live "against the light"!!

Rarindra Prakarsa
Morning at Suradita village Many thanks for your time.

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