by Sousa Dias Nana

vertigo sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 18th of September 2002 07:58:37 PM


Elaine Roberts
Ooh! Cool! A very dramatic image of what would normally be a very boring subject!

James Morehouse
8/9... and I don't even like architectural shots! This one is so much more, though.

Paolo Cozzaglio
Nana, I like this photo very much. Nice tones and contrast and the title chosen fits in with it! Brava!

Gordon Hiebert
Finally, a downtown architectural view that doesn't look like all the other ones. A unique point of view, and excellent contrast. Normally the square frame would deaden a shot, but curiously this one is enhanced by it. Time to throw out my teacher's notes. There are no rules in photography!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh..... More seriously, I believe the glow of the sun which is just behind the top of the building gives a sense of impending change, along with all the other obvious elements that support that feeling.

Eugene Epshteyn

Rajiv Moorthy
Dramatic Beautiful Picture and a great play with geometry. The Fish eye enhances the picture leaps. Great work

D Poinsett
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Great abstraction. I love the distortion from the wide angle lens and the tilted orientation. Very dynamic image. The constrast makes it jump.

Jay Belton
How did you get the sky so dark? Did you burn it in? I've been trying to do this with a red filter and a polarizer. I've gotten nothing like this! I adore the contrast in this.

Nana Sousa Dias
James: Yes, I've burned it a bit! But, anyway, this day the sky was dark blue, something it's rare during summer. In winter the air is cleanner, because of rain, and the sky is darker.

GĂ©rard Laurenceau
photographie superbe...

Dario D
very original.. ..use of the fish-eye. Well done.

fabio bozuffi
impressive use of both filter & wide angle

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