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untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Friday 13th of November 2009 02:06:08 PM


John Peri
Thanks Jim, in retrospect, I agree that the socks contribute nothing to the first version .. in this case, I set out to do "glamour" work and then became more interested in the potential for "artistic nude". Well, anyway, both versions are here now .. big kiss to the model who is reading this .. :-) .. enjoy your vacation !

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful always. Alberto

John Peri
Thank you Andrea .. the socks make more sense possibly in the colour version ... I continue to find black and white more artistic for nudes however, hence the transformation ... many thanks for your comment. John

Michael C
Both are great John, but I too usually prefer the B&W version. Best, Michael

Maurizio Moro
Also I prefer B/W for nude but in some cases, like in thise one, the color is welcome: no possible 7/7,...pity!...Ciaomau!

Marc Aubry
Very nice and very creatively composed. Congrats!

Andreas Marx
Next time leave out the socks on a pose like that :-) (Don't get me wrong, its not a major point, even no minor, I think...)

Jim Phelps
John, I definitely prefer the color with the socks. They contribute nothing to the B&W. In the color the socks serve as a second focal point (the eyes are the first) and cause the viewer's eye to move from one to the other. Jim Phelps

Agris Robs
interesting ... beautiful model ...

Gabriele Castelli
!! I like the socks :) And this lovely model. And, of course, the shot.

Radu Carp
First I have a look for few minutes on bw version and after I read comment for color version.No doubt bw comes to be always more powerful and expressive in my opinion for this kind of composition,here way you framed and show this subject is excellent,all my best Radu.

Bob Kurt
Great again! REALLY WONDERFUL B&W !!!

Michael C
P.S, BTW, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd really like to know who these "anonymous people" (and I'm really being kind here!) are who immediately jump on to newly posted images and rate them with threes, and fours, and even fives - regardless of how good, or not so good, the image is. Is this all they have to do in life?! It is my honest opinion that anyone who rates an image a four or below, should be required to post their name (and therefore access to their portfolio), and give good, sound technical reasons as to why they have posted such low numbers. I think we would all be surprised as to how quickly the ratings would change! Either that, or we would all be getting some good, sound technical advice! I want to be critiqued by true professionals whose honest objective is to offer sound technical and artistic advice to help me consistently improve as a photographer. Your thoughts?

John Peri
Haha, I don't usually look at the ratings Michael, but following your message, I did catch up on a few. The photo that I posted immediately after this one, the standing nude, has three double threes already. These usually arrive late in the game which may lead one to imagine that the pictures are sought out deliberately to rate in that manner ...... :-) .. without any doubt, many photos are under par, but it is equallly likely that these are some people just anxious to vent their spite. Whatever, they are the ones with the acid swishing around in their stomachs, not me. Now the truth of the matter is that I am perfectly happy whatever ratings I receive, because the more you get, the higher up the photo moves on the visibility scale through it's position in the weekly charts etc., That leads to more exposure and critiques and I am delighted, just alike you! I don't care two hoots what ratings I receive, and I doubt that many people do .. except maybe the ones with the acid .. hmm, now who could they be ...... :-)

David L. Forney
Michael C. My sentiments exactly. Well, on the constructive criticism side, I like the B&W version as well, but based on what I see in the color image, use of channels in the conversion process may have given quite a different effect. Unless that's not what you intended. Beautiful image. David

Ed Nadel
you do some beutiful work when you reveal the inner psychology, as in this image. the b&w is far superior. I would go further and crop out the bottom third.

John Peri
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