Still Life with Fruit

by Crosley John

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Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D300
Date Time Original : 2009-11-10 13:14:49
Focal Length : 18/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/2
Exposure Time : 2/5
Aperture Value : 3.5
F Number : 3.5
Iso Speed Ratings : 500
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 27
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows

Published: Wednesday 11th of November 2009 06:03:13 AM


Ruud Albers
Really beautiful lighting, John!

John Crosley
Ruud Thanks. I took all three of today's posts of within an hour of each other. I try to be versatile. The other two were 'street' and for me 'high caliber' scenes. Each was on adjacent frames. When I get 'hot' I get 'hot'. The rest is just warm up. Imagine this is just candlelight hand held at ISO500 with 18 mm lens. Hand Held. No tripod. I think I own one. Some where. I keep buying them,but mislay them or leave them in my car or in America or they get stolen or (etc.) I practiced for this five years ago when I took a photo in a restaurant by candlelight, and that was the last candlelight photo I took, ever. But then I remember that many scenes in the movie 'Barry Lyndon' by Stanley Kubrick, were shot by candlelight, albeit with f1 lenses, not an f2.8 as here (stopped down to f 3.5?) This is literally a one candlepower shot. By definition. Nice placement of the fruit. I'm an opportunist. This took me all of maybe six seconds to take. Then move on. And I took maybe six different photos in that time. Each was pretty good,with a couple of discards because of shakiness. John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Ruud Notice I didn't crop 'tightly' either. Everything's framed by black and the colors spill out of blackness. Black is the frame of nature and night. ;~)) john John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Still Life with Fruit Still Life with Fruit, taken in a Farmers' Market during a power outage, by candlelight, entirely handheld at ISO 500, full frame and unmanipulated. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly or very critically or just wish to make an observation, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John (I take many other genres than people!)

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