Fly on the Wall II

by Plonsky Mark

fly on the wall ii canon powershot g plonsky mark

Gallery: Flies - various kinds

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Published: Sunday 15th of September 2002 01:38:01 AM


Dougity B
Quit now, Mark. You can't get any better.

Dougity B
Can you ??

Gerry Clarke
Mark your photos just keep getting better.

Levi Mize
Nice !! Awesome photo Mark ! When I am browsing the Gallery I look for photos that are sharp, well composed and seem to fly (no pun intended :) right off the page at you. Yours definately did.

Ken Williams ...
Well Mark, it's hard to love these little guys but you bring us a close as possible for sure !! ........................... Maybe we could dresss him up a bit - Black tuxedo or something to make him more appealing ........................ (-;

Shannon Gillen
I Agree! Very nice photo!!

Mark Plonsky
Replies to comments Thanx all for the kind words.

These guys are quite common at certain times of the year, such as right now. I went outside into my yard this morning and shot a few. They were pretty much readily available although not always into posing for me.

D. B.,
Concerning getting better, I will keep trying. A new camera (which I am beginning to seriously consider) should lead to some substantial improvements.

Gerard Maas