We need tickets

by Keller Alejandro

we need tickets seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Tuesday 12th of September 2006 09:36:01 PM


Alon Eshel
It's important to take everything in right proportion , It's sad to lose but not the end of the world :) . I would love to join you but ...... unfortantly I'm at work :( . Glad to see you on PN

Alon Eshel
WELCOME back my friend . I'm so happy to see your work again . Was it taken at the World cup games ? Great capture

Alejandro Keller
Hey Alon Yes, these Mexicans are crazy ;) I have heard that around 60'000 to 70'000 Mexicans, me included, travelled to Germany for the World Cup. This was just before the match against Portugal, the stadium was green (the Mexican color), the atmosphere was great. Anyway, after the game, some Germans said to me that they have never seen such a big party after a match... and that after loosing! What they could not imagine is that this is our way of mourning ;-) Today we celebrate our national Holliday, care to join?

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Jack I have a problem. I want to take a time away from my negative scanner and do all my new positives as traditional prints. You could say that I have rediscovered the dark room... I enjoy it so much, but it takes me very long to do each image. Worst than is that my collection of to do negatives is growing bigger every day. But dont give up on me... yet ;-) I will post a whole series with my dark room images soon... I have to organize my life, because I miss my PN friends (the dark room keeps me away from the computer). Un abrazo, Alejandro

Jack McRitchie
Alejandro I had just about given up on you, then I found these few picture. Great, dynamic shot here. What's going on with you? Have you abandoned P.Net like so many others? I miss talking to you and checking out your photos. Regards, Jack.

Alejandro Keller
We need tickets Another one of how I saw part of the World Cup 2006. Critiques, rates, 3/3's, etc. are welcome. Thanks for looking.

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