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Published: Tuesday 12th of September 2006 09:36:01 PM


Robert Farnham
35mm I have, but have not used for quite some time. I had a Rolleicord but sold it (why???? I don't know. I want it back!). You won't regret going 4x5. And if you know how to use the Hassy you will know how to use the LF. They are all just boxes with lenses attached, after all. I hear that enlargers for 4x5 are also very available thanks to the digital revolution. That is another reason I want to start into using darkrooms again (after a very long hiatus). All the best...R.

Robert Farnham
Whenever I see your work I want to go back to shooting small or medium format film and building myself a darkroom. Tri-X is so beautiful...

Alejandro Keller
Robert! Funny that you say that just today. I am tempted by a LF camera (4x5) that I saw yesterday... and you can guess that I want it for portraits. Looks great but I dont know if I will have the time and patience to work with it or the equipment to print the negatives (if I am going 4x5, I want to make huge dark room prints). Anyway, to decide wether or not I should go for it, I have been visiting some portfolios that I like and, of course, yours was among them. The other way is easier and, maybe, cheaper. If I were you, I would buy a used MF or 35mm camera at the auctions site. Since 35mm is small and easy to take it with you, I am sure you would find enough oportunities to use it. Best, Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Guillermo Part of the way I saw the world cup in Germany... Thanks for the visit, the comments, the rates, and specially the 3/3's.

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