by Keller Alejandro

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Published: Tuesday 12th of September 2006 09:36:00 PM


Karina Brys
Alejandro, What terrible things people sometimes do to themselves :) I like the photo. The way she is looking at you and with the two colourful characters in the back. More than a snapshot, more a documentary (as part of a series about this "happening").

Alejandro Keller
actually, I should put the series together...

Alejandro Keller
What terrible things people sometimes do to themselves :)

Yes Karina, but you should have seen me. I fitted in this group perfectly... lots of fun... The most difficult part was avoiding my Mexican sombrero from comming inside the viewfield of my 25mm lens ;-)

Thanks for the comment and the visit. I am glad to know that you like it.

David Cochran
I like the spirit of this picture a lot. The colors are so brilliant that they even come out in the black and white. paz

David Cochran
Alejandro, I have not forgotten you. Hey I have not been posting much either. paz amigo

Alejandro Keller
Thanks David I thought you have forgotten about me just because I am not posting that much latelly. ;-) About the colors. You know how they are in Mexico. No way to hide them. Not even in B&W. Gracias por la visita Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Fans I know it is just a snapshot, but I like it anyway. Thanks for the visit, Alejandro

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