Winter Time Angst

by Keller Alejandro

winter time angst seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Sunday 5th of March 2006 08:37:28 PM


Alon Eshel
Superb Alejandro my friend . This is one of your best photos . It looks as if taken from an old movie . The light , tones , atmosphere and composition . All just perfect . This is ART

Alejandro Keller
Chris I always say dont follow the rules of thirds, just look for a pleasing image. But then again, this 1/3 spaces appear when you least expect it. I certainly did not look for it but, appart from what you pointed out, the man and the woman mark the 1/3 and 2/3 vertical lines... what can I say? If you ask me, I also like how because of their relative size their heads are in the same line as the perspective of the buildings.

Thanks again for your kind words. I am happy to know that you like this image. Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Thanks to all I am happy if the right people see this photograph... I got a couple of new visitors with this image, this is much more valuable than the 15 minutes of glory in the top of the TRP list (which I never visit myself ;-)).

Mona Chrome
All I can say is that I am glad I went through the whole TRP list tonight. This also proves that most of the best photos are not on top of the ratings. I love this photo. i see it as a 30's or 40's photo from New York or something. From the thumbnail, I thought the people were going to be totally black, actually could have been a good thing in and of itself, but the tones are just great. I like this whole folder and the Maritza ( ? not looking now) especially. Nice work.

Alejandro Keller
New title I liked so much one of the comments, that I changed the title to Winter Time Angst... thanks Jim, that was the real feeling that day.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Alon, Mário, Mona I am happy that you liked this one. I love the images made by my Isolette. It is probably this old camera what inspires me to do this old looking images... As for the rates, the 3/3's appeared all at the same time some hours after I submitted the image for critiques, dropping the average rate dramatically. All the other anonymous ratings are previous. I really dont care about low rates but it is simply too suspicious that they appear that way. It would be very sad if they are indeed, as someone suggested, generated automatically. Specially because one of those rates will be translated into less image views... I would post the case in the feedback forum but even I am tyred of always reading the same there (without any real reaction from the admins). Thats life.

Mario: Never since this has been registered did Zurich had so much snow, and that in March!

Mona: I thought about going totally black but I have something for details in the dark shades. I am happy you came visiting, and your nick is so cool... ;-)

Hanna Cowpe
Every once in a while I start at the back page of the TRP and work backwards and I'm glad I did tonight. The minute I turned the page this thumbnail jumped out at me and it was well worth a closer look. I love how the two main figures stand out so starkly against the pale snowy background. The walking couple are just the right distance away, although I wish there was just a sliver more space between them and the edge of the frame. But it's a minor detail which doesn't really detract from the impact. I'm sorry this will be buried before many people view it.

Jack McRitchie
Bravo! Gee, how did I miss this, I must have been in a coma. Certainly among your top shots. The composition, the contrast in tones between the two figures and the background, the hats! It's all perfect. An absolutely timeless photo that will be just as fresh 100 years from now. I just took at look at the ratings for this. What a joke! For a picture like this to be rated this poorly destroys any belief that I might have had in the numerical rating system. Screw 'em, I'll give it the rating it deserves but only because I want to include it in my gallery of best pictures.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Jack Have not been that active latelly and was missing the old friends. As for the numerical system, I ran the other day in a guy who had been in PN only for three years but had rated 1500 (yes, two zeros there) images in that time. You know, you can give as many rates as you like, the real average of a picture will be determined by this kind of users. I wonder how he does that. I almost never rate images now but, if I did it, after rating just ten I really need to take a break.

Sarah Underhill
Hi Alejandro, I love this shot. It is much better big as you can really see the snow. The contrast is great, I like the bag in the mans hand, and that leads you over to the litle people on the right. This is a great shot reguarless of where I see it , here or Ball-Saal...(I look here than over there.) Also, I have looked at your web site, which is quite impressive. How lucky to have dual-citizenship....I love Mexico. Great work as always.

Alejandro Keller
my web site!!! I am ashamed, I have not updated anything for years now... anyway, thanks for your comment. I already saw that you are also participating at Ball-Saal. Now I want to know when will I see some of your pictures there? If you want an official wintersnow plastic bag, I can get one for you. ;)

i love the scene, the format, the tonality with the juicy blacks up to grey-ish whites,... and the composition, i thought at first that i found it slightly unbalanced, but i think it just needed to be looked at a bit longer...

wonderful pic!

Christopher Falcman
Amazing mood of this photo is. Beautifully built frame. Respect

Michael Raddatz
Put me with Jack....this is a wonderful rich image, loaded with depth, possibility, and intrigue. Classic photography.

Alejandro Keller
Carnival Atmosphere For those of you who dont live in Switzerland, last Saturday was the carnival day in Zurich. I actually do not know if there was much going on. I did saw some people in the traditional customs but I dont think that there were many people at the parade. It started to snow already on Friday and on Sunday, when it finaly stopped, we woke up with something like 50 cm of new snow. Beautiful but not very common for this time of the year... This and a couple of other images in the same folder show how the carnival day actually looked like. Thanks for your comments, Alejandro

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