One and Tree (greetings to Thorir)

by Keller Alejandro

one and tree greetings to thorir seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Friday 17th of February 2006 08:57:17 PM


and i greet you back alejandro ,-)

these days i'm fascinated with winter trees, branches, plants. the ones that are missing their summer leaves, their colors. the more i stare into the silouette of your branches here, the more lost i become - in a good way - it feels like a maze with no way out. and such a nice maze to be trapped in..!

the lamp strikes me as quite odd within that maze, not sure why excactly, perhaps i agree with stephane that it doesn't get the attention or the room that it needs to become a significant player in the compo, that it feels a little hidden somehow. though i do fantasize that it's a persons reflection that we see in it (which of course only makes it even more complicated)...

i particularly enjoy the contrast between sky and the branches, not too graphic, and not too muddy either. you've squeezed some fine detail out of that fifty y.o. lens of yours, do you remember the f-stop btw??

kindest regards..:!

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Janus, Stephane, Thorir aahh... I wish I had taken an image without the lamp to understand better what it does to the composition. I thank you for your observations and must admit that I am not so convinced myself. It would probably have been better had the lamp not been on... maybe I will darken it and see how it turns out.

Thorir, good to see you here. I share your opinion, I am also fascinated with the branches scraping the sky in this time of the year, therefore this image, specially during the evening time when the sky is a feast of tonalities. I find myself looking at them everyday on my way back home... you mentioned something in another post about doing some variations on a theme. Indeed, our approaches are very different. If you are still up to it, lets do a W/NW stuff. You pick the weapons.

About the f-stop, it is not like I had a lot of choice. The camera has a slow lens (and shutter) and there was not that much light around. This means that I had to shoot wide open (f/4.5) with the slowest speed (1/25... maybe it was 1/50). Hanheld, of course... It is such a fun camera, nothing fancy but extremelly well done. Makes me wonder if the newest digitals will still work in 50 years... BTW Agfa is written on the lens, and that is a German name ;-)

Alejandro Keller
here it is ...

Stephane Robichaud
I can appreciate the abstract element of this photo, but find the streetlight to be too bright, and maybe not taking enough place in this composition.

Stephane Robichaud
I agree that the lamp is needed. I would say that more of it is needed, as I tried to say in my first comment.

i don't know, i think i'm for no lamp. there's nothing abstract about it, with or without lamp. just city/uncity ,-)

(thinkthink) yeah, my vote goes to.. ...uncity.

best - th

Janus T
realy nice atmosphere on this one!

Alejandro Keller
Stephane Yes, I know you said that. But I cannot give you the image that I dont have. Maybe I'll try a variation in a future. At the moment I can only give you this other image from the same tree and streetlight, taken with another camera on another day... BTW, have you seen this image?

I really thank you for dropping by and giving me your opinion.

Alejandro Keller
Thorir I did not know you were that bucolic. You know, I am a city boy, I grew up in Mexico City. What can you expect after that... I guess that, in that case, you will not like this other image.

Alejandro Keller
I am uploading the whole maze for Thorir Dont know what you guys think. But, after looking at the image with the black lamp, I think that the tree needs the streetlight as a companion. It somehow gives the composition more reality... too abstract without it. Would like to read what you think. Maybe I'll come to a better solution.

better late than not,... (??)

i like it plenty!

in fact, would you sell me a print?


Alejandro Keller
the triumph of a tree The light is the same today than 50 years ago. That rise the question of, what I would have been able to do if I were 50 years older... We praise a lot the images taken with the state of the art equipment, I know I do, and at the same time we admire the photographers that showed us the way a long time ago, with cameras and lenses designed by hand on a piece of paper... this is one of my first experiments with such a camera, 50 years old, and with a relativela simple shutter. I dont want to start a discussion on how important the changes to the photographic cameras in the last decades were. I just would like to hear your feedback on this image. Thanks for looking.

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