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Published: Saturday 11th of February 2006 08:50:34 PM


Sabina D.
Yes, you are completely right: if the ps work is not obvious, that means it's very good and refined. I just thought you refuse to do ps work for personal reasons, but anyway my comment on the other photo is kind of absurd and emphatic. I don't know either what is best right now, so I shouldn't give advice, anyway not to you, cause your works are so good. Mee too I have the feeling that I need some time in order to decide how to "present" a photo, but because I'm always in a hurry, I end up by doing compromises and the result is rarely what I really want. And about the reality, you are more than right: reality is always more appealing than the ideal world, at least because it's... "real"! Have a great week, S.

Alejandro Keller
Sabina, as always, thanks for the visit and the input. This is my brother and, once more, one of the first subjects that I photographed with this camera. I have it for arround two years now (the camera, of course, Roberto has been my brother for a longer time) and I like it always more and more. It was my first all manual camera (not even a batery for an exposure measurement). In fact, I now like manual cameras so much now that I just bought an Isolette III camera for a very modest price. I received it today, and I'll post some examples soon.

About using PS, I'll send you a raw scan and a final image to show you how much do I work with the negative. It may not show up that much, if you only see the final image, but I think that if part of the charm of a picture. What I meant in the other image is that I need a time to decide how the final result should look like. Most of the times, the adjustments that I do are within what is considered acceptable for the "this image is unmanipulated" option. But I have no second thoughts about clonning, or doing those kind of things, if I am convinced that they will help the final image. The line is very subjective. For instance, I have done skin softening using blur but I do not really like the final result. Sometimes reality can be more apealing than the ideal world.

Sabina D.
I like the portrait and the crop. He makes a good subject. I would try some with a dark background too, maybe at evening... Regards, S.

Jack McRitchie
When I come here it reminds me how much I miss your images and your always interesting commentary. Regards, Jack

Alejandro Keller
Roberto y su acordeón Dont be gentle, please be critical and, most imortant, leave a comment.

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