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Published: Wednesday 25th of January 2006 12:09:09 PM


Alejandro Keller
mmmhhh... you got me there. I just remember that I used a tripod and went for the smallest aperture I could use, without using bulb... exposure time was 1 second (or 1/2?). Thanks for the visit.

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Esta me gusta bastante. Me trae muchos recuerdos: Imagen que vi pero que nunca tome. ;O)

Sang Kyu, Han
Beatiful shot. What was the aperture value? It is pretty sharp, I can see the smallest petal. It is nicely captured macro photography. =)

Jack McRitchie
A very nice intermission on your journey.

Alejandro Keller
You are too kind, the garden did everything. I just stood there and took the picture... (but, of course, am glad to read your comments). Mauricio: entonces mejor no pienses tanto las cosas, mejor hazlas. ;-) Bonitas las suculentas, verdad?

Luis Henriques
Excellent! De plus, convient parfaitement au format carr

Alejandro Keller
Luis Just wish I could thank you for the visit in French as well... it is easier to read than write.

Ektor Coughanour
Estupenda fotografia en macro!...Una geometria natural bella!..Un acierto en blanco y negro!...Saludos desde el norte de Mexico!

Alejandro Keller
Found at the garden The whole contry, Mexico City included, is a wonderful place for this kind of plants. I found this one in my parents garden. I dont usually do this kind of macro work (maybe I'll learn someday) and think I could have done a better job. Anyway, I still wanted to share it with you. Comments and critiques are welcome.

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