How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop – Video Tutorial with Ben Willmore

by Hillary Grigonis March 7, 2018 featured, photo & video on

Yellow teeth are a common problem in portraits — sometimes the lighting can even make them appear more yellow in photos than they do in person. Thankfully, Photoshop has a few good tools for whitening teeth. But, there’s a fine line between Barbie white and a realistic white that would make any dentist proud. Ben Willmore shares how to whiten teeth in Photoshop in this week’s quick tip.

You can do so much more than teeth whitening. Master Photoshop, finally.


First, you’ll probably notice that we’re not actually using Photoshop, but a program bundled with it — Adobe Camera RAW. While you can whiten teeth in Photoshop, the adjustment brush tool in Camera RAW makes quick work of yellowed teeth, so for this tutorial, you’ll open your image in Camera RAW.

Once the image is open, zoom in on the teeth using the magnifying glass so you can easily see all the teeth.

For teeth whitening, the adjustment brush is the best tool because it allows you to adjust more than one element, so you can get a realistic white quickly. Selecting the adjustment brush (it’s the paintbrush on the top, towards the middle) brings up an adjustment panel on the right where you can make adjustments to only the parts of the image you paint over, which in this case is the teeth.

Over in that left adjustment brush panel, you’ll use a few different sliders to whiten the teeth. Don’t worry about getting them perfect just yet — first that’s impossible when you can’t see the changes quite yet and second you can fine tune after you’ve applied the brush. Bring the highlights slider to the right to brighten up the teeth. Dragging the saturation over to the left will remove some of that color but don’t drag it all the way over or you’ll end up with gray, not white.

The panel also contains your brush options. For the size, choose something about the size of the teeth so you don’t take forever (more on this article here)

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