ONA Brixton Camera and Laptop Bag Review

Waking up this morning to a snow-dusted landscape I quickly threw my gear in my new camera bag in the hopes of snapping a few quick shots before heading in to work. Not knowing what I was going to want to photograph specifically, I threw a couple of lenses into the bag along with my DSLR and attached 24-70. I looked around and threw in a photography book that had recently inspired me for good measure. I was surprised by the ease with which I was able to carry so much equipment. As I slipped on my boots, the snow continued to fall rapidly and I could see the shine from how wet everything outside already was. Typically, I get pretty anxious in circumstances such as these, worrying about my expensive gear getting wet or ruining my bag or books. This time, however, I was able to race out with the peace of mind that all would be well thanks to the high quality of my new bag.

The ona_ona_brixton is an ideal bag for any photographer. Coated in a water-resistant wax, this bag is both practical for day to day wear and stylish for the trendy artist. The Brixton camera bag features removable pockets for your DSLR, 2-3 lenses and up to a 13" laptop – with room to spare for caps, batteries, hard drives, etc! With a comfortable and adjustable strap, antique brass tuck-clasp closure, and full-grain leather detail, this ONA bag is suitable for both men and women.

The ONA Brixton bag comes in an assortment of colors including: Field Tan (featured); Antique Cognac; Dark Truffle; Smoke; and Black!

Exterior Dimensions: 13.5"L x 10.5"H x 5"D
Interior Dimensions: 13"L x 9"H x 5"D
Weight: 3.1 pounds

This morning’s shot of the first snow! © Jackie DiBenedetto


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    • Nice! 

      Bag looks okay too. 

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    • Thanks for providing this review. It did beg certain questions, such as how well this bag internally protects gear (it has adequate padding), whether my DSLR with a battery grip will fit in there (it won't), if a 70-200/2.8 is a realistic expectation for this bag (yes, if it's the only extra lens), and how configurable the whole thing is (velcro dividers are provided).

      I had to research other websites for all that, where I also discovered that the antique cognac and dark truffle "color" options cost $150 more - due to being 100% leather versus canvas. I do appreciate this review as it was where I first heard of the product, but I'm thinking maybe PN should internally promote Bob Atkins' approach to product testing, as a standard for comprehensive camera gear reviews.

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    • Patrick, I couldn't agree more. This breathless piece reads more like a press release than a review. That, unfortunately, sums up many of the "reviews" here on PN. A wasted opportunity really.

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    • I too went to a few other websites to get  second opinions on this bag.  It is apparently well made.  Reviewers agree that it is an aesthetically pleasing bag.  Photos of the interior reveal that is is very well proportioned, though the amount of equipment you can "throw" into it is limited.  A reviewer writes that this is a minimalist bag with no extra little pockets.  I note theres are two front pockets.  A one long pocket is preferable in my view as it can hold more stuff or oddly shaped stuff better.  


      The aesthetics of the bag should not be underrated.  There are times that formal dress for photographers might be necessary and this bag would be the one to take.


      Finally, I agree that that Bob Atkins is the model that reviews should study.  He can be very personal in his approach and still detached enough to emphasize the product rather than himself.

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    • "The ONA Brixton Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag is an ideal bag for any photographer." Well, I guess I and the other thousands or millions of photographers who have different bags depending on the situation and gear to be taken must be fools!

      This is simply not a product review. Try again.

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    • Quite right John, this is not a product review.  This is really more about the writer than the product. Note the amount of space she devotes to herself and to the particulars of the bag.  A personal approach is fine if it is relevant to the product.  (For instance: Does it solve a problem for the reviewer that is shared by other photographers?)  But to simply talk about how good it feels to have this bag is not acceptable reviewing.  The irrelevant photograph of fresh snow does not do much for this review either.  I do hope things improve.

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