Interview with Chris Corradino, Student Advisor at NYIP

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), founded in 1910, is a corner stone in educating photographers. The bulk of their education courses are home study courses, which include CDs with audio commentary, DVD video training, as well as an assigned dedicated student advisor for help with the course. We took a moment to speak with Chris Corradino, student advisor at NYIP, and a graduate of one of the course offerings. We wanted to find out more about the school, how worth it of time and money it is, and what career success potential students might hope to achieve were they to pursue studies at NYIP.

What is your role with NYIP?

I have a terrific job as a Student Advisor at NYIP working with passionate students from all over the world. The ability to help people reach their professional goals gives me great satisfaction. On any given day I’ll answer questions on exposure, lighting, equipment, business, and more. I also interact with our passionate online community through our blog, forum, Facebook and Twitter pages. Some days I’ll create videos for our YouTube channel, or audio material for a podcast. I just finished version 1 of our iPhone app so students can tap into our content on the go.

Is NYIP worth it?


As a graduate of the program myself, I can honestly say the course is a wise investment. Even if you are already comfortable with the technical aspects of photography, the program covers a wide array of topics. By learning how to handle any type of photographic situation, you’ll be more confident and able to accept new job opportunities. Furthermore, I believe the photo projects are creatively challenging which can foster artistic growth. The teachers provide personalized evaluations full of useful information you can take into the field with you. In my experience, this type of training can expedite the learning process in a way that self-study can not.

What kind of career success do you see for graduates of NYIP?

I love to hear about the many ways our graduates are using their photography skills to better their life and the world around them. We have students working professionally in so many genres of photography including portraiture, weddings, sports and photojournalism, still life and advertising, nature, and stock. Some have even applied their photography skills to video and found a niche there. Their success is inspiring to see, and we feature many of their stories on our web site.

How do the courses work?


After more than 100 years of training photographers we understand that everyone learns differently. To give students a well rounded education we use a multimedia approach with illustrated text lessons, audio cds, and DVDs. The course is structured in a way that starts with the basics, and builds on those skills throughout the program. To complete each Unit, students must take an online comprehension test and submit a photo project. Of course, if they have any questions along the way, myself and a team of Student Advisors are here to assist.

Are there mentoring/internship possibilities?

Once a student graduates, they are always part of the NYIP community. While we don’t offer any internships, we are certainly glad to provide continuing support to our graduates.


Chris Corradino is a professional photographer in NYC specializing in Nature, Photojournalism, and Multimedia. Some recent credits include the Associated Press, USA Today, National Geographic, The New Yorker, and Wall Street Journal. While Chris is truly proud of these accomplishments, perhaps his greatest joy comes from teaching others how to maximize their camera to reach their creative goals. As a licensed photography teacher, he provides personalized instruction to students of all experience levels. With a deep commitment to education, Chris’ dynamic teaching method fosters a positive learning environment. His students are hard working, passionate photographers who want to take their craft to the next level.


Original text Chris Corradino and Editorial. Photos © Chris Corradino.

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    • Chris, it sounds like you a dedicated teacher above all else.  Although I checked out your portfolio, and your work as varied and outstanding.  I've been considering taking the complete course through NYIP for awhile now.  As soon as we finish rehabbing 2 houses, one of which we're down-sizing to, that will be the first thing on my list to do.  I want to make sure I can devote enough time to it to maximize my experience.  It's nice to know that we may get advisors of your caliber.  Right now the extent of my knowledge comes from my colleagues here at, and there is a wealth of info here for sure.  But I need a more sustained and in depth look at photography to get to the level I'd like to be. 

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    • Caution !!!


      I've enrolled with them on January 11 2011, Its been over two month I still haven't received any letter or material from them !!! They charged my credit card straight away.. quoted in the enrollment email "In a few days you'll receive your actual Student ID Card in the mail along with the NYI Welcome Booklet that will tell you more about the school, our procedures, and what you can expect during your training. Shortly after that, your Unit One package will arrive. Since packages take a little longer in transit, please be patient." It being over two month I haven't received any. I am starting t get discouraged with the whole NYIP experience. Who ever is think about NYIP please think again!!

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    • I am a current student at NYIP and have been for just over a year now, and my package and assignments arrived and continue to arrive in a matter of days. NYIP has no control over postal services (foreign or domestic) and if you have this sort of delay a simple call or email to NYIP or to Chris directly will resolve your issue quickly. I have included NYIP's Phone and fax numbers taken off their web site.

      If you do not call or say anything there is no way that NYIP can possibly know that you have an issue.



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    • Zen Liu has taken it upon himself to copy and paste this comment in as many places as possible around the internet without ever contacting the school.  While we appreciate the freedom of speech that the internet offers, you can understand our concern when NYIP's historically strong reputation is repeatedly attacked by one upset student.  So we wanted to respond here again and say that we have since contacted Zen Liu and informed him that our standard shipping method to China can take 6-8 weeks, and assured him that the package was on the way and should arrive soon.  Luckily we do attempt to track down issues with students in forums and blogs that we don't own, otherwise we never would have known of Zen Liu's concern.

      Thank you to Gavin for coming to our defense, I wish we could have gotten here sooner.  And to all those who may be interested in the school, please know that overseas shipping is not as fast as shipping to the US but we will always do our best to give you everything you expect from us in a timely manner.

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