Higher Paying Clients AND How To Get Them!

In episode 41 of “The Daily Creative” Chase Jarvis responds to the question ” How Do I Get Higher Paying Clients?”

Question:  “I do music videos, I feel like I’ve done good at local level but I’m trying to break through to bigger artists…I do message the bands directly or go get a hold of managers and I’d like to say that my content is good enough – I do professional videos – what’s the best way bring through is it continued persistence…”


Answer:  “I’m gonna do two things and answering your question, one I’m to talk generally about how to swim upstream and get better clients, and then I’m also going to try and focus specifically on the details of in the music video industry who you should, try and hang out with.  I’m going to do my best to answer those in a package here, the first half is generally how do you swim upstream with higher paying higher quality clients?

First of all, you have to be real about your work.  I wrote a great blog post called comparing yourself to others is the worst and best thing that you can do, it’s the worst, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other humans, but it’s very ok to compare your work to the work of other people that you aspire to compete with or that you aspire to create the kinds of things they’re creating for bigger level bands in your case, or but this is again applicable to any kind of creator entrepreneurial clients if you want to build another start up and someone else has great investors how they get them when you are with a local John Q investor, you want to get with a blue chip investor or something.

In those cases you should be very critical of how –  you need to deconstruct what the clients that you want to have, what are they seeing in these other things – that make them gravitate to that – and you have to make your work first and foremost agree with your internals self.  If you start chasing after an outside thing and its not true to who you are that’s going to smell terrible to everybody, anybody who knows anything about that is going to be to sell you out as a fake – so you have to continue to make work internally here at is the resonates with you personally, first….not second, FIRST!  Second you need to be very, very honest with what kind of work are those people hiring.

Do you have what it takes?

Then how do you get on their their radar specifically, at the root of this question or the root of the answer to your question…is intention.  If you go to Mr. right now vs Mr. right or Mrs. right now instead of miss right. that is just like what is nearby and that works for a little bit. Oh, there’s a shop down the street, there is a designer across the street there is this the investment company is based here in Boulder Colorado, or wherever you are.   Versus being intentional, which there are 20 people who I would like to work with or for these are the 20, these are the people inside of those companies that I need to know to be a part of their community – to be on their radar if I’m going to get that work and you should be able to identify the difference between what you’re doing right now and who you’re talking to and what the the list of clients, your dream clients you, your dream partners are your dream, whatever your target.  These people have very specific. In this smaller pool over here, you have to deconstruct honestly what these people are after and then be a part of their world.

  • How do you direct message them?
  • How do you attend the seminars that they’re teaching?
  • How do you go to conferences where they’re speaking and meet them personally?
  • How do you maybe do work for them or volunteer for them…or just generally be, you know the other 50 percent that video that references about once every other episode in the day, during the daily creative, how do you other 50 percent these people but very intentional, what they where do they run around? What are their email addresses what are their Instagram handles.   That is the ticket from shifting gears from what you’re doing now to – to higher priced clients.
  • Demonstrate that you can crush this, make a portfolio that looks like the things that they are hiring.
  • Identify them as humans and go get them.

That’s the generally how you swim upstream in the world of chasing you know, higher end clients – also yet deconstruct what they look for in photographers or designers or entrepreneurs – profile the people that they have partnered with, what do they look like and how are you like or not like them.  Don’t change who we are in here, but if there are some things that you can do to more crisply align with the dream clients that you have over here, the by all means –  feel free.

With respect to the music video industry, and should you identify yourselves closely with labels with bands or with management? YES is the answer.  This is not an OR.  You need to be so well known amongst the crew of people that you want – you have to be on their radar and in order to be on their radar you have to do work that gets their attention – so master your craft do that stuff and it’s not an OR you need to be because you don’t know how this happens, you don’t know it’s it’s about being in the vicinity at the right place at the right time with the right product so you’ve got to make the product first, then you have to do what you can to get in this community and be a regular there. The first time it’s going to be random. The person that made you made the music video for in your town for the local hip hop group they’re going to randomly, get a job managing a bigger act and if you kicked ass for them – that’s the best thing to do is just make kick ass work – but you’re not going to really know how that first thing happens. But it’s going to and when it does, you’re there you have thought about all this intentionally, and then you are part of this community, then you need to really like surround the create surround sound over there just everywhere. You know I don’t member who said that Kevin Spacey or somebody really smart…said be so good they can’t ignore you…that’s in part with craft, but I get to be in their field of view like if I know you’re awesome, but you’re over here and there…and there are 10 people that can do the job right here how am I going to hire you  I can’t see you so you got to be seen and you’ve seen all the other Daily Creatives where in prescriptive about that.

So hopefully that some specific music and industry advice that’s not it’s not this or this is yes all of this and I know that sounds daunting, but if you’re you, right down your only guy that sounds impossible, then quit…because it is virtually impossible, but when I say impossible, there’s a certain subset of people who are listening to this right now. And probably you. That sounds awesome because you’re willing to put in the work and you realize that this is a barrier that I’m throwing down is the bear that’s going to keep everybody else out who doesn’t want it as much”.




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