Featured Member: Katarzyna Gritzmann

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Katarzyna’s images can be sweet, haunting, joyful, inspiring and sometimes all of the above. Local landscapes started her photographic journey, a journey that has lead to architecture, portraiture, and now dance. It is a trip that we should be thankful we get to witness through her portfolio. -J

Katarzyna Gritzmann: Photography

Who are you and where do you live?

My name is Katarzyna Gritzmann. I live in southeastern Poland near the Swietokrzyski National Park, where there are a lot of nice landscapes and architectural monuments.

How (and when) did you get started in photography? In short, tell us the story of your photographic journey.

I started photography 10 years ago. I am a travel guide and I wanted to show the beauty of my region, to encourage people to visit the little-known places in the heart of Poland. At the beginning they were very aware “shots” It upsets me that such a nice place for my pictures look so mediocre. So I began to read about the composition and learn the rules of image processing. I’m still learning about photography.


Who (or what) have been your main photographic influences and inspirations?

I looked at a lot of pictures from the “Kielce landscape school.” I saw how Paul Pierscinski shows our beautiful land and wanted to imitate it. That was the beginning. At some point, I started to look for my own way.

Your Photo.net portfolio includes wide-ranging subject matter. From landscapes to architecture to portraiture and more. Do you have a favorite? Is it something that has evolved over time?

I like to shoot photos. I just like to photograph everything. I like to photograph what amazes me. I like the symmetry, asymmetry, curvature of architecture. I prefer the old architecture. I try to show the uniqueness. I like to show the play of light and shadows.

The landscape subject that impresses me the most is what the light is doing to the world at sunrise. At sunrise, the world looks quite different – like a fairy tale. Some people say that “there is no such color in nature”, they are mistaken. They never got up at the right time 🙂 Landscapes were the first. They always will be important to me.

I like to photograph people on the move, or showing emotions. I do not like “posed” portraits. Once I liked this and even tried but came to the conclusion that it is not a thing you want to do.

Explain how you see your body of work and what draws you to do the photography that you do?

It’s a difficult question. I gained several prizes in photographic competitions. But they are not really important to me. It is important for me to show the “how” I see the world. Because the world is beautiful. Fleeting moments disappear if you do not capture them with your camera.


Have you ever worked as a professional photographer? If “no”, why not? Is it something you would like to do? If “yes”, do you wish you could do more of that work? What does it bring or take away from your photography?

Sometimes I sell photos for albums, calendars, books. I cooperate with the agency photographic FORUM. First of all, photography is my passion and joy rather than a business.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I love the silence of the morning, lonely trips. I love carefully stacking frames. I like discovering the unknown corners of famous places. But predominantly I love to photograph my daughter. Showing her joy and liveliness.

What was the most recent photographic technique that you learned or mastered? And what is the next photographic technique that you would like to learn?

At the moment I’m trying to learn how to show dance. Hence the dance with flour images (cleaning is terrible), and people with long exposures.

What was the most recent piece of truly useful photographic equipment that you purchased? What is the next piece of equipment that you are looking to acquire?


The last truly useful equipment was my backpack. A backpack to carry the two bodies and 3-4 lenses. It’s important to comfortably and safely carry your equipment. Someday I would like to buy the Sigma 8-16mm zoom lens.

What is in your camera bag on a typical day?

Its depends. Usually a body, lenses: 17-70, 70-300, 8mm, tripod. Filters: ND3.0, polarizer,

What is your typical downloading/storage/sorting/processing procedure? Where do you store/backup your images? What programs do you use for post-processing?

I do not have a typical procedure. Some pictures I do right away, others I go back to after a year. I keep my photos on external drives. I use two programs for post-processing: Photoshop Elements with NIK Collection, and that’s about it.

What words of advice or encouragement do you have for anyone just starting on their photographic journey?

It’s not the equipment that “makes” the picture. The picture is made by the light and your imagination. Shoot what delights and fascinates you.

A favorite image…

That’s my daughter. Joy, movement, happiness.

I like how the light illuminates the drops of water.

Camera: Nikon D7000; 170mm; f4,5; 1/2500sec; iso 320, processed with Photoshop Elements



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    • With pleasure I read about you and your work and how you feel the way to catch life as it is.I find your style realistic and your photos are not simple images,is emotion and joy of life.My compliments for your work.

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    • Thank you Radu :) Warm greetings from Poland :)

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