Fall 2012 Nikon Coolpix Camera Preview P7700, S800C & S01

Nikon is introducing three new Coolpix digicams that will be showcased at Photokina in Cologne, Germany in mid September, 2012.

P7700, the new Flag-Ship Coolpix

This new model will replace the current P7100 as the new flag-ship Coolpix. It continues to have a 12MP, large 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor with a 7.1x, 28-200mm equivalent zoom lens as its predecessor, but the aperture of the lens is increased by a full f stop in its entire zoom range to f2.0-4.0. (Both the earlier P7000 and P7100 have a 28-200mm equivalent zoom that is f2.8 to 5.6.) This faster lens takes up so much space up front that Nikon is no longer including the optical viewfinder previously on the P7000 and P7100.


The P7700 has a 3-inch, swivel LCD screen that can swing out, similar to the LCD on the D5100 DSLR. It is Nikon iTTL flash compatible and can control external flashes. It can capture 1080p full-HD video. The P7700 has a full-size, built-in grip with a sub-command dial with DSLR-style P, A, S, M exposure mode controls and is priced at $499.95.

Coolpix S800c Android-Enabled and Wifi-Enabled Camera


The S800C is a slim digicam with a 16MP CMOS sensor and a 10x zoom, 25-250mm equivalent lens. It has a 3.5” OLED touch screen. It is the first camera with an Android (2.3) operating system built-in along with the standard Android applications and 4G of internal memory. The S800C has Wi-Fi and GPS built-in. As an Android device, the S800c can easily share its images with friends, family, and on social networks with the popular Android appliations. The S800c comes in two colors, either black or white and is priced at $399.95.

S01 the Smallest Coolpix


The S01 is a basic, smallest camera with a dimension of 3.1×2.1×0.7”. It features a 10MP CCD sensor, a 3x zoom lens (29-87mm equivalent) and a 2.5” touch screen. Since the camera is very small, it has a built-in 8G memory card and a built-in battery that are not user changeable. The S01 comes with an USB port for off-loading the images from the camera. It is prices at a very affordable $179.95.

Nikon is planning to start shipping the three new Coolpix cameras in late September, 2012.


Nikon’s New Flagship COOLPIX Camera Sets the Standard for Performance, Versatility and Functionality for Those Who Expect The Best and Need The Convenience of a Compact

MELVILLE, N.Y. (August 22, 2012) – For the compact camera user only satisfied with the very best, today Nikon Inc. introduced its new flagship COOLPIX camera, the P7700. This powerful and versatile point-and-shoot camera features a sharp 7.1x zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens with a maximum aperture of f/2 and a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. Conveniently compact and loaded with innovative features and manual controls, the COOLPIX P7700 will capture still images and Full HD 1080p video with stunning sharpness and vivid color, whether used as the ultimate go-to travel camera or D-SLR companion.

The COOLPIX P7700 is ideal for those looking for a compact camera with high performance and a complete feature set which will allow them to capture high quality still photos and Full HD video. For photographers looking to step up from traditional point-and-shoot cameras to professionals who crave complete creative control, the P7700 offers one of the most comprehensive feature sets available in its class. Featuring a new 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, a high-performance NIKKOR lens and full manual control settings, Nikon’s new flagship COOLPIX camera can unleash a photographer’s inner creativity and inspire truly magnificent images.

“Nikon’s new COOLPIX P7700 pushes the boundaries of traditional point-and-shoot cameras, offering stunning image quality and fast performance along with the freedom to customize every shot,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “Nikon’s flagship COOLPIX P7700 is a powerful and versatile companion that consistently delivers incredible results in various shooting scenarios.”

Exceptional Clarity, Powerful Performance
The COOLPIX P7700 sports a large 1/1.7-in 12.2-megapixel backside illumination (BSI) CMOS sensor that offers excellent tonal range and vivid color reproduction. Additionally, high-speed image processing helps achieve fast continuous shooting at approximately eight frames-per-second (up to six continuous shots) affording the ability to freeze a fleeting moment with exacting precision. The P7700 delivers extremely rapid performance from a quick startup time to lightning-fast autofocus recognition to help ensure the moment is captured.
The P7700’s high-performance 7.1x zoom f/2 NIKKOR glass lens is equally as essential in providing the very best clarity and sharpness that professional photographers have come to expect from Nikon. With a large maximum aperture of f/2, the optics cover an equivalent range from 28 to 200mm, allowing for tack-sharp images and HD video throughout the entire focal range. An evolved Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) function minimizes camera shake for shooting blur-free photos while handheld or in challenging light. Combined with the COOLPIX P7700’s powerful CMOS sensor, this bright, large-aperture NIKKOR lens provides reduced noise, beautiful background blurring, fast performance and high image quality whether shooting stills or Full HD video.

Uncompromising Creative Control
Every photo and HD video is truly in the hands of the photographer, as the P7700 offers unprecedented creative control for its class, from easy automatic options to full manual controls. For even more control in users’ images, the COOLPIX P7700 supports RAW shooting, providing the ability to capture and edit uncompressed images without losing image quality. Customizing every shot has never been easier as Nikon’s flagship COOLPIX camera features full manual control (PSAM) and 19 unique and versatile Scene Modes and Scene Auto Selector, ready for any shooting scenario. In-camera special effects and filter effects such as Nostalgic Sepia, Vivid and Painting help satisfy amateurs and enthusiasts alike. With the P7700, features like a noise reduction filter, tone level information, COOLPIX Picture Control and versatile bracketing functions open the door for even more creative control and freedom when capturing still images. To capture the most amount of available light, users can also activate consecutive shot combining technology, or use the HDR effect for a wide dynamic range image.

Full HD Video Unleashed
Creativity continues beyond still images with stunning Full HD 1080p video capability combined with unprecedented movie customization options for its class. Capture HD video using Auto, Manual, Aperture-priority or Custom Movie Mode and enjoy several creative options also available for still shooting, including COOLPIX Picture Control and noise reduction while flexibly adjusting ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and white balance.

Taking HD video to the next level, the COOLPIX P7700 is capable of intelligent autofocus while recording in any mode as well as optical zoom when shooting in Auto mode. For pristine stereo sound, the P7700 incorporates a built-in stereo microphone, an external microphone input, a HDMI mini connector and HDMICEC support.

Intuitive Operability
The P7700’s 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor, with a wide-viewing-angle and 921,000-dot resolution, offers comfortable shooting from any angle, giving the freedom and flexibility needed to capture every spontaneous moment. Whether shooting videos overhead at a concert or inverting the screen to capture a creative self-portrait, the vari-angle LCD of the P7700 provides users the ability to rotate the screen to adapt to any shooting scenario. The LCD screen can also be flipped closed for protection when not in use.

Furthermore, the COOLPIX P7700’s intuitive ergonomics and control system allows the user to easily access menus and manual controls, ensuring fluid operation. This lightweight point-and-shoot features quick menu, mode, exposure compensation and sub-command dials, all arranged to achieve natural and smooth shooting adjustments on the go. Additionally, the COOLPIX P7700 has a camera body composed of durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy.

Optional Accessories Expand Creative Control
The COOLPIX P7700 offers compatibility with several optional Nikon accessories for enthusiasts who demand versatility and first-class performance. Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) supports advanced wireless lighting and creative flash shooting by controlling flash output independently for a master unit and a remote unit group. The P7700’s hot shoe allows for compatibility with Nikon Speedlights (SB-910 and SB-700) as well as the GP-1 GPS unit and ME-1 external stereo microphone.

Price and Availability
The COOLPIX P7700 will be available in September 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $499.95*. For more information about this COOLPIX camera and other Nikon products, please visit www.nikonusa.com.

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    • I'm sorry. I'm a Windows kind of guy. I'd like a Windows RT powered Nikon.

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    • The S01's fixed battery & flash memory are an interesting shift from the norm.  It does seem like this camera doesn't offer a heck of a lot beyond a smartphone camera, but it does make for a relatively simple package (with at least a short optical zoom and better flash than a smart phone) that recognizes many users of cameras in this class don't really want to swap cards & batteries and can probably deal with straight-forward USB charging/syncing.  8GB can hold quite a few 10mp JPEGS.

      It will be interesting to learn more about the S800c once details emerge.  For one thing, I'm wondering what its boot time will be, and what sort of battery/battery life it gets, whether ALL camera operation is through an Android app, and if so how the app is designed -- how much like a traditional P&S will it be?  I don't know just how successful this particular model will be but it seems likely that this may be the first of many as many photographers have been interested in an unlocked camera OS for a long time.  The zoom range seems appropriate for this sort of camera as it clearly offers something over a smartphone here.

      Interesting that the P7700 diverged a bit from its predecessor which was essentially a Canon G-series clone with a long-but-slow lens.  Dropping the OVF really turns it into a different camera, one that some users would reject out of hand. It's too bad that they couldn't have found a way to build a EVF in, I think this along with the fast-and-long lens would have made this model stand out.

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    • No! No! A thousand times - No! No optical viewfinder means no purchase from me! I will go with either a Fuji or Olympus now.

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    • Looks like the P7700 is a really nice step forward for Nikon. That lens is nice and fast-ish and they've dumped the useless tunnel viewfinder. I think I used the viewfinder on my G9 less than 10x in over 6 years of shooting...

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