CreativeLive Photo Challenge with Lindsay Adler

CreativeLive recently launched their 2017 Creative Photo Challenge with Lindsay Adler and if you are looking to compete against some of the worlds best across a number of different challenges along with exposure to one of the most recognized and talented photographers of our time, in Lindsay Adler – then this is for you!

All it takes from you is 3 easy steps:

1.) JOIN THE CHALLENGE to start receiving challenges via email twice a month starting July 17.  Lindsay Adler’s Creative Photo Challenge is entirely FREE.

2.) Share 

Upload your photos and tag it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using #creativephotochallenge.

Have questions or want to check in with fellow photographers?  Join the CreativeLive Facebook Group

3.) Vote!  

Two winners will be selected for each challenge!

The Peoples’ choice winner will be determined by your votes.

The Judges’ choice will be handpicked by Lindsay Adler.

Prizes awarded for the two champions of each challenge!

The 2017 schedule is as follows:


N0. Challenge Challenge Starts Voting Starts Voting Ends
1 Make a Mess 7/17/17 7/31/17 8/14/17
2 Unusual Angle 7/31/17 8/14/17 8/28/17
3 Reflections 8/14/17 8/28/17 9/11/17
4 High Key Portrait with DIY Softbox 8/28/17 9/11/17 9/25/17
5 Take Control of Color in Photoshop 9/11/17 9/25/17 10/9/17
6 Play with Shadow 9/25/17 10/9/17 10/23/17
7 Collage Portrait 10/9/17 10/23/17 11/6/17
8 Paint with Light Portrait 10/23/17 11/6/17 11/20/17
9 Print on Alternative Surface 11/6/17 11/20/17 12/4/17
10 Shoot a Silhouette 11/20/17 12/4/17 12/18/17



How many winners for each challenge?

• 2 winners for every challenge
• 1 community voted winner for every challenge. Make sure you vote!
• 1 winner hand picked by Lindsay Adler for every challenge.

For more on this Creative Photo Challenge visit here! 

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